‘Arrow’ 100th Episode Slays; Oliver Queen Shines Bright

‘Arrow’ broke the milestone of 100 episodes this week. Best episode so far. Why? Oliver Queen.

crossover-synopses-picIn the ‘Invasion’ crossover, parts of Team Arrow, Team Flash, and The Legends, were abducted by the Dominators, put in pods and saw a completely different timeline. Much like Flashpoint, big life events we knew to be true for the characters were altered in this universe.

His whole life was turning upside down, and Oliver was the main target. Both his parents were alive, and he was marrying Laurel

The episode began the same way episode one of season four did, Ollie on a run, seeing images in his head, and coming home. Instead of  Felicity, he comes home to Laurel. To our surprise, to his parents huge mansion, only being Oliver Queen.

Diggle was ‘Green Arrow’, Felicity was his one and only helper. Odd, but Oliver had no idea about that life. Felicity was with Ray, Sara was not an assassin, Laurel was alive and marrying Oliver. None of it made sense.

Overwhelmed with guilt, things started to really clear up for Oliver. The last scene before they all go back to their reality, when Oliver sees the ghosts of his past, and sees his sacrifices before him.


Wonder why both Roy and Felicity are “ghosts” while both of them are very much alive? According to my source, “even though Felicity and Roy have survived to this point, Ollie still lost both of them.”

Tommy, Moira, Laurel, and Robert unfortunately all have a place of sacrifice for Ollie, or ‘Green Arrow’

Finally, This episode proved that ‘Arrow’ is still relevant, and one of the shows that we need to look out for. It is only getting better, and we will be along for the ride.

‘Arrow’ airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW, with the mid season finale airing on December 7th.

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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