Will Ares Appear In The 2017 ‘Wonder Woman’ Film?

The “God Of War” Ares Could Make An Appearance In The Upcoming DCEU Film

With the World War 1 setting for ‘Wonder Woman‘, one of her most famous villains could be pulling the strings. Once Danny Huston showed up in the first trailer, I think Ares is coming to the DC Extended Universe.

Some have suspected that Ares may make an appearance in the film. The setting, the mentions of Greek Gods, and especially Wonder Woman saying she has fought monsters from other worlds before in ‘Batman v Superman‘ have furthered these rumors. Youtubers New Rockstars have speculated that Danny Huston could be playing Kaiser Wilhem, Germany’s Emperor at the time. While that may seem like a stretch, a problematic ruler is the perfect cover for the God of War.

What could Ares bring to the table? While seeing Wonder Woman basically fight nazis makes for a great plot, these DC films seem to be always planning something bigger. The World War 1 background will be important, I believe there is much graver danger to be dealt with. Nothing is more grave than an psycho god!

It’s also been rumored we will see Circe, another Greek god that’s known to fight against Wonder Woman. Her and Ares are said to team up in this film. Could she be that mysterious and intriguing woman we saw in the trailer?


It will be some time before DC makes any announcement towards the villain of the piece; especially after the backlash of showing Doomsday so early in ‘BvS‘ promo but the rumor mill will keep running. I hope all of these rumors become truth because this solo ‘Wonder Woman‘ piece is building towards being an epic.

Who do you think will be the villain for 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman‘?

Could it be Ares or someone else?

Let me know in the comments below!

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