Are We Finally Ready For Virtual Reality? Wearality SKY Thinks So

Do you remember the film Lawnmower Man from 1992, a bad virtual reality film based on a Stephen King short story. It is this film, the sequels after it and the clunky head gear that makes Wearality SKY an up hill battle on Kickstarter.

The next level of VR wearable technology is here. We took a different approach – the lenses and the optics are the key to unlocking the ability to really experience what immersive 3D worlds are meant to be. Wearality wants to provide the tools to unleash this revolution of creative talent and ability – to launch a new medium.


The combination of a pioneering team of virtual reality (VR) experts and the largest defense contractor in the world has built the most impressive VR optics for headsets in the world with an astonishing field of view of 150 degrees, giving you a new way to look at the world – one that is truly limitless.

The Wearality SKY is differentiated in three primary dimensions: experience, portability and accessibility.

The project as of today has 338 backers and has raised $30,965 of their $100,000 goal with 26 days to go. You can purchase the Wearality SKY for $49.

Wearality SKY

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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