‘Ant-Man’: Actress Evangeline Lilly Discusses The Wasp and Avengers: Infinity War

Ant-Man and The Wasp is set to arrive in theaters in July, 2018, but with the interest in seeing The Wasp join the ever-expanding roster of Marvel characters for Avengers: Infinity War I and II, but the news has already been released that she will not apart of the first film. Ant-man actress Evangeline Lilly has stated, according to Cinemablend, that there is one and only reason that the Ant-Man character will not be a part of the big event.

“There’s an Avengers series coming out. It’s a two-parter. The Wasp won’t be in the first part, she’ll be in the second part, because they really want to preserve that reveal for Ant-Man And The Wasp.”

Avengers: Infinity Wars Part I  will be released two months prior to Ant-man and The Wasp.

Ant-Man, The Wasp, and likely Marvel Comics fans in general, should be excited by this news. Granted, many probably would have liked to see The Wasp show up alongside Ant-Man in a massive Marvel Comics film, as many others like young Spider-Man and Black Panther did, but each film is an island unto themselves. Ant-Man and every Marvel film has its own writers and directors, so it seems they have some say in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Wasp will most likely continue to play a big role in the Ant-Man sector of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and obviously some of the rest, but the Infinity War films are already teeming with characters. Too many characters would invariably push the main Avengers team to the forefront, and all the additive characters to the background with varying degrees of lesser and lesser screen time.

The amount of screen time The Wasp or Ant-Man will receive is still unknown, but hopefully for fans, it will be plentiful. Especially so for The Wasp, as this will be her big Marvel Cinematic Universe debut.

[Photos Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment]

David Joseph
David Joseph
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