[Analysis] Things Collapse on Charlotte ep. 6

It’s over people! Its time to say goodbye to those feelings you have nurtured these last five episodes. Because those feelings belong to you, no more. Those feelings belong completely to Charlotte now. And believe me when I say that, Charlotte is going to do whatever it wants with those feelings. So hold close to those memories you’ve made with these characters these last five episode, because now is where shit gets real.

Starting off from last episode Ayumi is still sick and staying home from school. And guess what, they’ve detected an ability user in her apartment complex. So odds are, it’s most likely her. Right off the bat this begins to worry Yu more than ever. Sure it came to his mind a few times before but now with increasing evidence of an ability manifesting, the thoughts are starting to make him even moe worried.

So seeing that Ayumi is now a possible ability user, Nao, Yusa, and Yu all go over to their house after school. Nao and Yusa suggest they eat dinner together but Yu objects and asks why they can’t  just eat at home. But of course he doesn’t know that Yusa and Nao live alone and always eat dinner alone. After realizing this Yu reiterates on how Nao can’t trust anyone anymore since the scientists and her mothers betrayal. And once he sees how alone Nao and Yusa are, he reflects on the wonderful fact that he still has his little sister. So feeling bad about this, he agrees that they can stay for dinner.

Before Nao and Yusa enter though, Yu goes in first to make sure Ayumi is feeling well enough for company. And to see if she is going to be able to handle meeting her idol. It turns out she is, because three people are already there. A few of her classmates are sitting in her bedroom talking with her. One of which is the boy who she refused to go out with. Another is a preppy girl who is the class rep. And lastly a solemn girl who doesn’t really say anything or even acknowledge Yu when he walks in. Given this scene and a scene before where she scowls at the mere mention of Ayumi’s name while looking at the boy she dumped I knew where this was going. Her classmates begin to leave right after Yu enters and introduces himself, and as the solemn girl leaves she gives Ayumi a really sinister glare. There is something severely wrong with this girl.

So we get some good gags with Ayumi meeting Yusa for the first time, and boy can Ayumi make some cute faces. I feels like its rare to get a little sibling where they aren’t completely insufferable, but Ayumi is really likable, even if she has some weird quirks. She is not as one dimensional as other characters in her position and makes the time she’s on-screen more meaningful because of that. We also get some more relationship situations with Yu and Nao both doing the dishes together. And with Ayumi being sharper than she looks, comments multiple times talking about if they were dating and how good for one another they are. But sadly both Nao and Yu rub it off as teasing and don’t even seem to consider the fact. Every episode their chemistry becomes more and more apparent. I just hope there is some realization here sooner than later. But of course that will need to come after Nao gets over her trust issues and Yu gets over his solitary issues.

Lastly Ayumi talks about a nightmare she had where she was falling into cracks in the earth that would spread around her. Yu and Nao both take it as some sort of sign that her powers will manifest and that they could be extremely dangerous. Seeing that the ability is called “collapse” and the fact that Ayumi is becoming more and more likely to be the ability user starts to scare Yu even more now. And being overly cautious he, with Nao’s affirmation, makes Ayumi stay home one more day after her fever subsides.

But Ayumi hates being still more than anything, so she sneaks out of the building after Yu leaves and goes to school. But it’s not kept a secret for long because Nao is informed by the school that she showed up halfway through the day. Being worried that her power may manifest and cause massive damage, the student council rushes over to her school to get her out of there.

Meanwhile at school the boy that likes Ayumi keeps making advances at her to the point where the class rep has to step in. Clearly this kid is not getting the message that she doesn’t like him that way. And the fact that he acts so desperate really makes him seem sad in a way. But whatever hang ups he has is nothing compared to that solemn girl. Because she straight up chases Ayumi around with a file knife after confessing that she liked that boy. And that ever since Ayumi showed up things have been going wrong. There is literally no reasoning with this girl or the crazy look in her eye as she corners Ayumi at the top of some stairs. This is where, after finally being backed into a corner Ayumi’s power manifests and proceeds to collapse a huge part of the building with her falling into the thick of the debris.

The student council arrive too late along with some other girl who we haven’t met yet. From the looks of her uniform it doesn’t seem like she goes to the same school as the other. But somehow she knew that this was going to happen. Maybe she is part of another group going around and saving kids with abilities too. Either way she is bound to clash with our student council eventually, so we’ll find out then.

As for the collapse, it’s a big mess and Ayumi is nowhere to be found. Yu runs screaming her name not giving head to Nao’s warning. Frantically he sorts through the rubble, lifting big pieces of building up and tossing them aside as he digs for his sister, all the while screaming her name. But he should have listened to Nao’s words of warning because a piece of the building above him begins to crack, and falls towards him.

So I think its safe to say this episode of Charlotte delivered everything I was hoping for. The show is clearly transitioning into something heavier and is doing its shift change very well. Like I said before, everything that happens beyond this point will be so much more impactful since I’ve got to know these characters so well. Just the fact of not knowing what is going to happen with Ayumi is killing me right now. And that’s what a show like this needs to do. If the audience isn’t feeling for characters, then the story that is yet to come won’t be as impactful as it needs to be to get its point across. But Charlotte expertly set up its pins and is so far expertly knocking them down. And it also knows better than to show its whole hand and to still keep secrets from us. Like the mysterious girl who shows up at the end of the episode.

I really couldn’t find any flaws with this episode or things that I didn’t like. This episode reaffirms exactly what I thought this show was going to be like and I’m not disappointed in the slightest. And with us only six episodes in I only hope that my heart can hold itself together until the end.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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