AMC’s Walking Dead finale review – Lori is an awful, awful, awful woman.

Four writers from the Comic Vault got together via Facebook and watched the season finale of AMC’s Walking Dead together. This is what happened. (From left to right; Roger Riddell III, Mike DeVivo, Matthew Sardo and Jerry Nelson)

Jerry Nelson – There are a few choice moments of this season. The death of zombie Sophie worked because it marked an end for a very long and boring search. That whole plot line seemed a bit thin and I was happy for it to end. I also really enjoyed Dale’s shocking and brutal demise. He lasted a bit longer in the comic and had a whole different life, so this was an unexpected twist. He seemed to be a strong moral compass for the group and, frankly, it’s just more interesting without that preachy father figure.

Shane’s human death and zombie death were, of course, fantastic as well. Most people knew what happened in the comic, but you really never know where they were going to take this Shane storyline because he was such a fan favorite. It was great that Rick showed some balls and a bit of deception, as well, as he drove the knife home for a deep and personal kill. It was fitting that it was so confrontational and Rick kind of beat Shane at his own game. Having Carl shoot the zombie Shane was a nice nod to what happened in the comic and really put an exclamation point on the episode.

What didn’t work this season was most of the first half. The search for Sophia was long, and all the emo lamenting that followed.

Also: Lori’s lack of character just in general. She’s just a fucking lame character. With the exception of her bucking with Andrea and teasing Shane into a suicidal confrontation with Rick, she’s been pretty useless.

Roger Riddell III – It seems like a lot of plot lines in this show are a bit thin and drag on for too long. For example, Shane should’ve been dead a long time ago.

By the way, once they finally did kill Shane off, what was the deal with those terrible, made-for-SyFy-Channel-TV-movie “zombie transformation flashes?”

Jerry Nelson – There’s better ways to show a transformation, such as some physical zombification close-ups. Blackening veins, eyes going milky, etc.

Roger Riddell III – I think that, plus the terrible way the show handles flashbacks and the spotty acting, really pull me out of being able to enjoy the show. Remember that flashback where they were looking on as a city was nuked? (At least I think I remember a city being nuked…)

The show is alright, but it jumped the shark during the first season when they put a self-destruct button in the CDC.

Mike DeVivo – They kind of veered off into Resident Evil territory with that one

Roger Riddell III – Agreed! For a show that aims for a realistic depiction of a zombie apocalypse, a CDC headquarters equipped with a self-destruct button just seems a bit ridiculous.

Jerry Nelson – That’s why I’m glad they got rid of Darabont, he took the series into a boring cliché direction. Ever since they axed him, it seemed to get back on track and be on par with the source material. The CDC storyline was a joke.

And I fucking wish Darryl would have let Carol die. Her and Laurie, fucking mothers of the year. It’s a zombie apocalypse and they never know where their kids are.

Mike DeVivo – I agreed again on Darabont’s watch. I love Hershel right now.

Roger Riddell III – AMC seems pretty desperate for new ‘Mad Men’ viewers. [SEE: Every ‘Mad Men’ ad they aired during the last few episodes]

Jerry Nelson – Darryl seems like the only one with sense sometimes, and the group just ignores him all the time. Andrea is a crack-shot and valuable resource. It seems a shame to just abandon her to the zombie horde.

Mike DeVivo – Andrea is going to be the “survivor” of the group

Roger Riddell III – Anyone else find themselves waiting for the Governor’s people to just pop up several times in the last 20 minutes?  I was pretty sure they were about to ambush Glenn and Maggie when they stopped in the middle of the road. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrea popped back up with the Governor’s group.

Mike DeVivo – Yeah, I’m thinking that may happen, though I’m also thinking they may meet Michonne at the end of this episode.

Roger Riddell III – What do you know? She popped back up sooner than I thought.

Mike DeVivo –I’m glad they got that out of the way, and he (Rick) told her (Lori).

Roger Riddell III – I don’t know how I feel about “We all have the zombie virus, but we’re not becoming zombies.”

Mike DeVivo – Lori is an awful, awful, awful woman. Apparently Pandora’s Box is inside of Lori’s Vagina.

The only problem I have so far is that some of the choices to change the story seem to have to do with the ratings system on the show and AMC not wanting to do certain things not for story purposes

Jerry Nelson – “Rick I’m pissed at you because you thwarted Shane’s plan and killed him before he killed you. Then, you let Carl kill zombie Shane.” – Laurie, making no sense as usual.

Mike DeVivo – Lori sucking at life as usual. Michonne!!!!!!

Roger Riddell III – That lady was standing way too far back for that blade to decapitate that zombie!

Jerry Nelson – Michonne!

Mike DeVivo – And there is the prison.

Jerry Nelson – There were two great monologues by Rick, “I just wanted to get it over with, I wanted him dead” and “This is not a democracy.” Great final episode for the season. That was a lot of fun.

Mike DeVivo – I agree.

Roger Riddell III – It was an episode I enjoyed. Believe it or not.

Matthew Sardo – What was everyone’s favorite part of this episode?

Mike DeVivo – Rick is officially a badass, and he has asserted himself in a way that will make next season interesting.

Mike DeVivo – Rick’s monologue to Lori. I liked that he just came out with it, no apologies.

Jerry Nelson – Agreed. I like Rick growing a pair finally. The Michonne reveal was awesome, as well.

Roger Riddell III – I enjoyed the “I’m standing too far back for this to actually work” decapitation.

Matthew Sardo – It was an extreme angle of the camera!

Jerry Nelson – Girl from HBO’s Treme is Michonne. She was the NY girlfriend of the jazz player I think.

Roger Riddell III – Dammit, Comic Book Men. The Green Goblin never died! He went to Europe for a few years.

Matthew Sardo – Comic Book Men is so bad!

Jerry Nelson – I don’t mind it. It’s goofy.

Matthew Sardo – For me, it is just a very boring episode of Pawn Stars.

Roger Riddell III – Same here. Plus, it’s just gonna cause way more misconceptions along the lines of the whole “Inkers are just tracers!” thing.

Mike DeVivo – That and everyone on it acts like they are pre-pubescent kids.

Jerry Nelson – For me, it’s an interesting episode of Pawn Stars.

Roger Riddell III – What a thoughtful girlfriend that was. I wish someone would buy Amazing Spider-Man #121 and 122 for me. Where are these kind of women in my life?

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