AMC Wants You To Believe Daryl Dixon Is Dead

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Walking Dead fans are passionate and love their show, but now AMC is just messing with them. The network released a clip from season 7 that can only be a red-herring to get your blood boiling.

Dwight rides up on Daryl’s motorcycle while wearing his iconic leather vest as well. Does this mean that Daryl died at the hands of Negan, and Dwight stole his ride? Absolutely not!

Daryl, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, Rosita, and Eugene, were all in the lineup that night and AMC wants you to believe any one of them could have died. But AMC wants to make sure that fans of Daryl agonize for the next two months.

The Negan finale was the second-most-watched episode of season six with 14.2 million viewers but was down from season five when the series peaked at 17.3 million viewers.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23 on AMC.

Who do you think Negan killed in the season six finale? Comment below.

Matthew Sardo
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  1. Negan killed someone that Rick loved. It would likely be either Michonne, his new love/lust interest, or Daryl, his “apocalypse brother”, or Carl, his son. I don’t think it would be Glenn like in the comics. Rick and Glenn respect each other, most of the time, but there isn’t really all that much “brotherly love” going on between them. Abraham being the most physically strong in Rick’s group of survivors and the group’s “comedic relief” would deal a tremendous blow to the group as a whole if he was the one that Negan beat the living hell out of with “Lucille” the barbed-wire covered bat. Abraham would also be the strongest rebel and group morale booster against Negan, so killing him would be quite the logical choice for Negan.
    Considering what Negan said about Rick and Carl at the end of the season 6finale, it almost seems logical to “rule them out” of the equation, but…

  2. Unless you’re a total idiot, even if you don’t follow spoilers, you’d know that he is too valuable to kill off. If you do follow spoilers, you’d know the true answer. If you want to know, go to The Spoiling Dead Fans.

  3. it’s a pretty good possibility that Daryl was Lucilled cause I also noticed that Dwight was also wearing Daryl’s vest.

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