AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25: Enter The Walking Dead!

Zeb Wells took me on an emotional journey with Amazing Spider-Man #25. It's always a good sign when you wake up at 2am thinking about a single issue.

It’s new comic book day, and Amazing Spider-Man #25 hits your local comic book shop from Marvel Comics. Writer Zeb Wells tells an emotional tale that rocks Peter Parker’s world and will resonate with fans.

Kaare Andrews and John Romita Jr. bring spectacular artwork to the table to elevate the drama and action. Andrews’ style has a great 90s flare that takes me back to my youth.

Marcio Menyz’s colors are bright and vibrant went needed and then take a dark twist when Peter’s life falls apart. This issue involves a ton of action, and Joe Caramagana’s letter work delivers.

Amazing Spider-Man #25 is a tough read but a great read. Check out my video for the full review.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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