‘Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2’ Premiere Recap: Things Are Shaken Up

All Stars 2 Becomes The Shadiest Season In Drag Race Her-story!

I think I may have witnessed the greatest episode of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘. All Stars 2 kicked off with a showcase of amazing talent filled with the biggest names in drag. You knew this was gonna be some tough competition but RuPaul has up the ante even more. Not only are the queens eliminating each other now, there was a shocking mystery twist at the end.

But let’s start at the beginning.

All Stars 2

We are introduced to 10 drag queens one by one. I loved how the new introductions featured a clip from the first time the queens appeared on their original season. Great way to blend old and new. It was also amazing to see how far each All Star as come in terms of make-up and talent.

Below is a quick peek at each queen this season and their first look:

After we re-meet the queens, we are thrusted right into some challenges. Usually saved for a later episode, we get to see the “Reading Is Fundamental” challenge a bit early. Each queen takes the time to insult and “read” the other queen. They throw a little bit of shade and try to get a laugh. The best insults win. Without a doubt, the best had to be Alaska & Katya. Both were so direct and harsh but kept it fun. Alaska wins the first mini challenge of All Stars 2.

“Lets Gets All-Started!”

Ru then tells the girls that they will be performing in a “Talent Show Extravaganza”! Each queen has to show off their talent in hopes to impress their peers and the judging panel. There is some memorable numbers like Katya’s strange gymnastics routine or Tatianna’s amazing spoken-word piece. But the real winner of the evening was Roxxxy Andrews who does quite the stunning burlesque number.

Now this is where things got real interesting. Earlier in the show, RuPaul announced that the best two will “lip-sync for their legacy” instead of the usual worst two queens lip-syncing to stay. This means the best two from the challenge battle each other for the chance to win $10,000 and another not-so-sweet prize. This no-so-sweet prize is having to eliminate someone from the bottom, the worst of the week. So instead of RuPaul calling the shots, we now see some real mind-games begin.

(Spoiler Alert)

The best of the week ending up being Tatianna and Roxxxy Andrews. The queens lip-synced to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Roxxxy kept a burlesque feel to her performance while Tatianna went for full-on choreography. The contrasting styles were interesting to see but in the end, Roxxxy sweeps up the win.

Then the real challenge begins…

After getting torn to shreds by the judges, the bottom queens of the week (Coco, Adore, and Phi Phi) are all up for elimination. Since Roxxxy won, she had the tough decision of sending home some amazingly talented queens. Coco ended up being the one to go home first but…

RuPaul comes on the TV in the workroom as Coco is backing up to leave. She secretly lets Coco know there is another twist! She will be able to get her revenge!

What does it mean?

We will find out next week on All Stars 2!

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