‘All-Star Batman’ Continues To Shine With #8

There are so many Bat books being produced right now, a new comic every week; sometimes two. The craziest thing about it is they’ve all been good, but one has been consistently ahead. In a comic book renaissance for the caped crusader, Snyder’s All-Star Batman still shines brightest.

Each chapter of Ends Of The Earth sees Snyder become a detective of his own. Opening a case study on each of Batman’s rogues, diving deep into analysis of their psych, then proceeding to tell his story. Part of writing an effective Batman story is developing a scheme worthy of the villain. Snyder’s plot for Mad Hatter is researched and well crafted.

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Scott Snyder treats these books as love letters, either to Batman or one of his rogues. All-Star Batman #8 is a love letter to the Mad Hatter, and his relationship with Batman. It somehow manages making Jervis Tetch even more creepy than he ever was before.

The narration choice gives the text a life of it’s own, no standard comic book word bubbles. It adds another layer of sophistication and character to a comic already oozing with both.

Visually this is another outstanding issue, Snyder takes Camuncoli with him down the rabbit hole. The art lends a major hand in making the reader feel uncomfortable when they’re supposed to. This peculiar little tale gains major depth thanks to the unsettling and constantly shifting artwork. The Mad Hatter goes from a creepy little criminal to a horrific “Babadook” by the issue’s end.

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“The Cursed Wheel” has been a fixture for All-Star Batman, being featured behind every issue. Snyder is proudly carrying the Duke Thomas torch, as he should. It’s nice to see that he will not abandon his creation. Duke is still a young hero with much to figure out. His not-Robin hero persona is still un-named but readers are teased that one does exist in this issue. These little bits of Duke struggling to fit into the Bat-Family have been a delightful development of his character, one little step at a time.

All-Star Batman does it again, eight issues of pure gold in a different way each time. Scott Snyder continues his tour through Batman’s rogues that he didn’t get to in New 52. This series has challenged readers to digest a deeper meaning behind Batman and his villains. Giving more impact to every punch being thrown. Snyder continues to prove why he’s Batman Royalty.

Have you enjoyed the series? Where does Scott Snyder rank in your all-time Batman writers? Who do you think is behind this plot? Let us know in the comments below!

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