Alan Tudyk Up For Playing Blue Beetle

Back in August, during Wizard World Comic Con Chicago, Nathan Fillion said that he would be up for playing Booster Gold, the charismatic, and egotistical superhero from the future. Of course despite the awesomeness of Nathan Fillion, most of just assumed that this was just a fun little joke that would never see the light of day.

However, it didn’t stop most of us from thinking that if there was going to be a Booster Gold movie, it would have to have Blue Beetle. And it would be a lot of fun to see Fillion’s costar, Alan Tudyk, from Firefly and their latest series Con Man together as the original superhero bros. But again, this was something we never thought was going to happen.

Never say never my friends.

Soon after Fillion’s desire to play Booster Gold, reports came in of a Booster Gold Blue Beetle movie was in development. Casting ideas, and rumors ran out the gate, but people began to wonder, if Nathan Fillion was on board would his pal and costar Alan Tudyk be up for it also. Well at New York Comic Con Tudyk gave his two cents on the matter.

“Well, that’s great. If it’s working with Nathan, I’m in,” Tudyk said of the fan support, adding, “Also, being a bug for me? I’d like that. Roly-poly is nice. I’d like to be one of them. That’s what we called them back in Texas, but they’re almost a beetle.”

If this is the future of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, than this is going to be an amazing movie, and I personally can’t wait to see these two banter off each other next to the Justice League in the DC Exteded Universe.

But, what do you guys think? Are Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk your choices for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle? Or do you have other people in mind?

Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist writes opinion pieces and reviews of comic books, movies, and TV shows for Monkeys Fighting Robots.