AfterShock Exclusive Preview: BAD RECEPTION #2 – OMG, The HORROR! 😱🔪🔪

Bad Reception #2 hits your local comic book store on September 25, but thanks to AfterShock Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a four-page preview of Juan Doe‘s amazing work.

Doe, known for his work on DARK ARK, AMERICAN MONSTER, and WORLD READER is the artist and writer on the series. Bad Reception is a searing horror story that doubles as a topical, satirical critique on society’s obsession with technology, social media and the cult of celebrity.

About Bad Reception #2 :
The toast has been made, and the cake has been cut. The most intimate wedding reception of the century has started, and all the guests are suffering a bad case of nomophobia (a.k.a. “no-mobile-phone phobia”). But things get real in a hurry when the mysterious killer sets off a frenzy that drives the remaining guests into a world of unknown primal fear. Now they must learn to depend on each other if they are to survive the hunt.

The bold opening and the approach that Doe has chosen may put some people off. This is a challenging comic with some moments more challenging than others. However, if you commit to it, and allow yourself to get lost in this world Doe has created, the payoff from each section is wonderfully handled and will make you want the next chapter straight away.Darryll Robson’s review of Bad Reception #1

What did you think of the first issue? Comment below with your thoughts.


Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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