According to Mel Gibson, ‘Batman v Superman’ is “A Piece of Sh*t”

If you were wondering what Mel Gibson thought about the recent state of Hollywood blockbusters, especially his take on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, well here’s your answer. According to Mel, it’s garbage.

Not to kick more dirt on the grave of BvS, but Gibson, who is in the middle of a possible career third act with Blood Father and Hacksaw Ridge hitting festival circuits as we speak, couldn’t help himself when asked about tinseltown.

Gibson recently spoke to Deadline about Hacksaw Ridge, his supposed comeback after years of being a crazy anti-semitic asshole, and the scourge of CGI pics littering the cinema landscape these days. He had plenty to say about his film, the research and the people he met while filming; but this will all boil down to the latter portion of the interview.

When asked about the cost of tentpole pictures these days, he said “I look at them and scratch my head. I’m really baffled by it. I think there’s a lot of waste but maybe if I did one of those things with the green screens I’d find out different. I don’t know. Maybe they do cost that much. I don’t know. It seems to me that you could do it for less.”

And then, Gibson honed his targets in on Zack Snyder’s much-maligned superhero mess:

“I mean if you’re spending outrageous amounts of money, $180 million or more, I don’t know how you make it back after the tax man gets you, and after you give half to the exhibitors. What did they spend on Batman V Superman that they’re admitting to?… It’s a piece of shit.”

So, yeah, he said that. Not that it’s surprising coming from a borderline schizophrenic who’s said plenty of things worse than this in his past. He might be right about a lot of this, but does anyone really care what he thinks?

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry is the managing editor for Monkeys Fighting Robots. The Dalai Lama once told him when he dies he will receive total consciousness. So he's got that going for him... Which is nice.