6 New, Returning TV Shows To Watch in July

Several new and returning TV shows begin this month.

If you’re trying to find a great series to watch, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

What to Watch – Top Pick

Mr. Robot – July 13, USA

Last summer’s critically acclaimed hit, returns July 13.

Mr. Robot is full of twists and turns and catches you off guard.

Rami Malek stars as Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security engineer who gets pulled into an underground hacker group called fsociety. The group’s goal is to take down a company called Evil Corp.

Mr. Robot is well-crafted and highly addictive, and it’s probably the best show about hackers ever made.

The second season was recently expanded from 10 to 12 episodes. It added several newcomers, including Grace Gummer, Sandrine Holt, and Craig Robinson.

If you haven’t watched Mr. Robot, do yourself a favor, stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it now.

What to Watch – Everything Else

The Night Of – July 10, HBO

The Night Of is an eight-part crime drama loosely adapted from the 2008 BBC series Criminal Justice. John Turturro (Fading Gigolo) stars as a defense attorney whose Pakistani-American client is accused of murdering a woman on New York’s Upper West Side.

The limited series examines New York City’s legal system and law enforcement through a complicated murder case.

James Gandolfini was originally attached to star, but Turturro stepped in after the actor’s death.

HBO needs a great drama, especially after season two of True Detective disappointed critics and fans alike. The Night Of might be it.

Suits – July 13, USA

At the end of season five, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) turned himself in to save his partner and mentor Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) from facing prison time.

Many fans have speculated about a possible time jump to the end of Mike’s sentence in season six. But according to a Hollywood Reporter interview with show creator Aaron Korsh, things pick up right where the finale left off:

“We’re coming back right where we left off. Much of the time when we land on a huge, earth-shattering event in our world, we contemplate a time jump. It’s probably just the way I think about things, but I always end up feeling like if we’re just going to time-jump out of it, what was the purpose of ending there?”

Meanwhile, Harvey, Jessica, and Louis will spend the season figuring out how to pick up the pieces and rebuild the firm.

Stranger Things – July 15, Netflix

This 80s-inspired supernatural series is set in Indiana and focuses on a group of young boys who try to find their friend who vanished.

As a result, the trailer gives off a very Spielberg-like vibe, think E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, mixed with Super 8.

Best of all, it’s a Netflix show, which means you can binge all eight episodes the day it’s released.

Winona Ryder, Matthew Modine, and David Harbour star.

Vice Principals – July 17, HBO

HBO is adding another comedy series from Eastbound & Down creators Danny McBride and Jody Hill to its roster.

McBride and Walton Goggins (Justified) star as two vice principals competing for the top spot at their high school after the principal decides to retire.

It seems like HBO is pretty confident in the show since it already renewed it for a second season.

Looking: The Movie – July 23, HBO

Looking was a fantastic show about three gay best friends in San Francisco navigating the complexities of life and love. It never quite found its audience on HBO and was canceled after only two seasons.

However, HBO gave producers a chance to wrap up storylines with a made-for-TV movie.

Do yourself a favor, go back and watch this series from the beginning before the film premieres.

Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter
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