Titans Is Coming So Who Should Play The Leader, Dick Grayson?

As reported by our very own news desk, a Teen Titans television show is in the works over at Warner for a 2018 debut. This news, along with the official announcement of the return of Young Justice, has DC Comics fans drooling.

The biggest question on everyone’s minds, however, is who is going to play the title character of Richard “Dick” Grayson on Titans. (For the record, I feel Zac Efron needs to be casted as Grayson on the silver screen, but that’s a discussion to have later.)

Grayson is a fan favorite character. Dick grew up an acrobat in the circus before becoming the ward of Bruce Wayne after his parents were tragically killed performing in Gotham City. As we all know, as Batman mentored young Dick, and as a result Grayson dawned a red costume under the alias of Robin. The rest they say is history… However, through circumstances that vary depending on who tells the story, Grayson eventually teams up with various other “side kicks” to become the Teen Titans.

Whomever tackles Grayson needs to have a likeable charisma about him, an athletic built, the ability to nail sarcastic quips at the drop of a hat, and given his dating history he need easy on the eyes.

With all of this noted, yours truly has compiled a list of potential Dicks. ( I probably could have worded that better…)


Dylan O’Brien

Confession: I have not seen more than 20 combined minutes of Teen Wolf. Honestly, that’s only because I have such an infatuation with the original that any other version is totally unacceptable!

Word on the street is Teen Wolf is in it’s final season over on MTV, and Dylan is about to become one of the hottest free agents. O’Brien has an accomplished franchise cred to his name with Maze Runner, and what could be a star making role in the upcoming American Assassin on the horizon. Dylan has also been the go-to name in the tabloids for all the “hip tween roles” as well, so there is plenty of steam behind the 25 year old.

DC/Warner better snatch DB up now before his star becomes to bright. No doubt Dylan is the “sexy pick” of the bunch.

13 Reasons Why

Dylan Minnette

You’d hate to call Dylan the flavor of the month. However, given how red-hot 13 Reasons Why has been, Dylan’s stock will probably never be higher. 13 Reasons asked Minnette to play Klay through several stages of behavior which no doubt showed incredible versatility. Without question this showed leading man potential, however, one would argue he isn’t the prototypical type of handsome that is usually associated with Grayson.

There is also the gigantic elephant in the room. 13 Reasons Why is getting a major push towards a sophomore season. Would it be remotely intelligent to jump off a winning team, even if chance is to play an iconic role like Robin or Nightwing?

Peyton Meyer

Everyone will agree that Girl Meets World was a flawed show. The acting, however, was never a point of dispute. Rarely does a television show go on to cast so many great young actors, and Disney found a star in Peyton Meyer’s Lucas Friar.

The hardest sell on Meyer is his look. In a situation that could prove problematic Meyer has the face of a 7th grader but the body of a WWE Cruiserweight. Looks are not everything, but if you were looking for a younger Grayson, there could be some fear Meyer will look more like Peyton Manning by film time.

Wouldn’t casting the former Lucas Friar be enough incentive for Warner though? What a way to stick it to “the mouse” than by stealing one of their own right from under Disney’s nose?

What do you think Sabrina?

Logan Lerman

Arguably the most accomplished actor on this list, Lerman would no doubt bring excellent gravity to Dick Grayson. Logan also has shown the wit and comedic timing to pull off Grayson’s iconic sense of humor. Like O’Brien, however, Logan has most prominently been featured in movie roles over the past five years. However, Lerman has television roots dating back to the ill-fated but critically acclaimed WB masterpiece Jack and Bobby.


Where was I? Oh, Lerman has had big screen success but this doesn’t necessarily stop actors from doing both TV and movie ventures. There is also something to be said for an opportunity to star for a DC property. This could be wishful thinking, but any chance to get more Logan Lerman needs exploration.

Steven R McQueen

Look at that picture. Think he wants the part?

Steven R McQueen (yes grandson of THAT McQueen) has made no bones about his desire to play Dick Grayson as Nightwing. While there is no guarantee Grayson will be that far along in his journey, McQueen certainly looks the part. Also, after spending a slew of seasons as Jeremy Gilbert on Vampire Diaries, McQueen is not wet behind the ears when it comes to fight scenes.

Timing for this casting might never be more perfect as well, as Steven exited Chicago Fire last season as part of a casting shake up. So, needless to say, his schedule seems pretty wide open.

For a television show to succeed, the lead needs to buy in 100% to the material and the character itself. In my opinion, Steven R McQueen has the look, ability, and most importantly the desire to portray Dick Grayson. All of these choices would be amazing, but McQueen would certainly be the sentimental favorite for me.

Who would you like to see play Dick Grayson on the small screen? Leave your choices, or any general chatter in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @themikeycuralli!

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