‘X-Men: Blue’ #1: The Kids Are Alright

ResurreXion is well underway, X-Men comics are becoming a priority again. After last week’s solid but controversial start with X-Men: Goldthe second wave of X-books have arrived. Along with Weapon X, Marvel released writer Cullen Bunn’s X-Men: Blue. This title focuses on the time displaced teens that are now permanent members of the 616 Universe. Xavier’s original X-Men embark on a new adventure and the kids are alright.

X-Men: Blue 1 cvr
***Spoilers Lie Ahead***

Cullen Bunn hasn’t had the best X-Men credentials over the last couple years. The lackluster, and downright awful, era of X-Men comics that we’re now leaving behind us featured more than a few Bunn blunders. This series is his shot at redemption, he’s a better writer than Uncanny X-Men would have you believe.

These X-kids from the past, have been around for a while. The problem with them was that after Battle Of The Atom, nobody seemed to know what to do with them. Their status and purpose has been up in the air since 2013. Now that they’re here to stay, they’ve isolated themselves from the rest of the other mutants. It’s a wise decision, a fresh start for a group that clearly needed one.

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In their first outing, they clash with a duo of classic X-Men villains (Black Tom & Juggernaut). Filled to the brim with colorful and exciting action, X-Men: Blue #1 showcases the young team working together as a unit. We’re entering uncharted territory with Jean Grey leading the team, forcing Scott Summers into a supporting role. This dynamic is immediately interesting, even more so when Iceman pokes fun at it.

There’s an attitude and appeal to this comic that was nowhere to be found in previous stories trying to force the kids into relevance. With Magneto guiding these impressionable teens, the narrative potential is seemingly endless. Will he follow in Charles Xavier’s footsteps or utilize the X-Men for his own personal agenda?

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X-Men: Blue is a visually stimulating experience as well. Marvel wasn’t kidding about bringing back the colorful side of their mutant heroes. Not only are the much needed costume redesigns effective, but the action flows smoothly. For a book featuring a good bit of dialogue, there’s not a single moment of boredom or fatigue thanks largely in part to the fabulous art. Jorge Molina and Matteo Buffagni combine their efforts with Matt Milla’s always stunning color direction.

The fulfilling reading experience this issue provides is extended with teaser for things to come, following the story. So far, so good for Marvel’s X-Men ResurreXion. It’s not a complete home run by any means yet, but they’ve certainly got readers’ attention to start.

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What did you think of the first X-Men: Blue issue? Which ResurreXion title has you most excited so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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