This the type of episodes fans relish.
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‘Steven Universe’ Scores Big With I Am My Mom

Steven tries to fix his mistakes.


It’s hard to talk about this episode without mentioning spoilers as so much plot occurs in the course of it. Luckily these are the best type of episodes when it comes to Steven Universe because it means events have consequence.

It’s revealed the Diamonds sent Aquamarine and Topaz to personally recruit for the zoo and it was based off a list Steven accidently gave out. This moment where he feels as if the entire thing is his fault pushes him to take more responsibility than ever before. He steps forward and finds a way to save the day but at a great cost. This is what truly makes watching this show from the beginning so worthwhile. By watching every episode the evolution of Steven as a character is notable and appreciated. It also goes to show when episodes do take a much lighter tone so late in the series they are not as welcome compared to an episode of this caliber.
It’s also shown how malicious Aquamarine is as an antagonist. Unlike previous enemies the Crystal Gems have come across who prefer to just settle things with their fists, Aquamarine is willing to use the lives of her hostages as leverage to keep Steven and his team under control. It’s painfully obvious she would have no qualms about destroying them if it meant accomplishing her mission.

There also is a moment worth mentioning where Lars has a chance to be a hero but misses it. This is distinctly pointed out and will be probably be addressed next season. Yes, this episode serves as the ending for the fourth season of show. It ends on a moment fans will be talking about for a while. Luckily more new episodes are scheduled for the end of the month so the wait for more Steven Universe won’t be excruciating.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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This the type of episodes fans relish. 'Steven Universe' Scores Big With I Am My Mom