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In Royal City #11 from Image Comics, creator Jeff Lemire begins the concluding arc to his masterful series as all buried truths begin to emerge for the Pike family. Royal City

Royal City #11
“We All Float On” Part 1
Written and Drawn by
 Jeff Lemire

Published by: Image Comics

A brand-new storyline of Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed series kicks off as the Pike family rallies around their newest surprise member, but Richie sets off on a dark path that can only end in tragedy. 


With just four issues left, Royal City#11 begins what is the last arc of the titles run.  Lemire has crafted a story where the characters just seem very vivid and real. The are some very real moments in this issue that carry a lot of emotional weight but we know the Pike family so well by now that even the quiet between them speaks volumes.Royal City

A lot of dominoes are set up too, like an excellent new reveal about the past that also serves as an introduction to a new family member and Richie’s rash decision at the end is a hell of a fucking cliffhanger.


The art here is sublime. Lemire has this ability to use delicate line work to deliver hard-hitting emotion. He also does these subtle tricks, like a borderless image amidst panels to convey a quick flashback or memory or having the pages look like notebook paper, that have a very cinematic and fluid effect on the reader.

There is also a great amount of atmosphere created by the colors and backgrounds. Lemire is without a doubt one of the mediums best artists and this title has been a great outlet for it since its inception.

The letterings by Steve Wands is as good as anything else in the book. Narration box and word balloon placement are perfect, and everything reads clean and crisp.


Royal City is beautiful. It’s a perfect example of powerful sequential art and you should really be fucking reading it.



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review-royal-city11-review'Royal City' is beautiful. Masterfully written and drawn. It's a perfect example of powerful sequential art and you should really be fucking reading it. 5 Stars.