Regular Show #1 A comic so good it will make you have a punchies competition

Regular-Show-1-cover-ERegular Show #1

Written By: KC Green

Art By:Alison Strejlau

Back Up Story and Art By; Brian Butler

The Regular Show #1 comic is a good example of what Television properties should be. Extensions of their characters done faithfully in the medium of comics. For those of you not aware Regular Show is Cartoon Networks second most popular show aside from Adventure Time. Fun for all ages and its characters are always endearing. It even won an Emmy in 2012 for best Animated short for the episode “Eggsicellent”.

Writer KC Green doesn’t play try to change anything that makes the show so fun to watch and its the right call. Rigby and Mordecai are still the main focus. KC nails their dialogue perfectly. Mordecai is still the chill easy-going of the two and Rigby is a spaz that is always seeking attention and approval from Mordecai.. Benson instructs Mordecai and Rigby to clean the local grounds during an out door concert. As if that wasn’t bad enough the band doesn’t rock at all. Out of sheer boredom Rigby and Mordecai decide that it would be way cooler if they could start a Mosh-pit in the crowd. They consider it impossible to do given the crowd, but within earshot of Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost. Always up for a challenge Muscle Man accepts and it just gets funnier from there.

The rest of the story is too good to ruin but I will say it involves a Demon , Benson , and a giant rescue plan by the end. Artist Alison Stejlau manages to handle the art in this issue very well. The characters look how they should and yet she does a tone of great work during some more of the Mosh-pit sequence that really pops off the page. Specifically her layouts during these sequences are extremely creative and create a kinetic feel while you read that gives this book that sense of anything can happen craziness that works so well for the show.Not to mention the short by Brian Butler is just as funny seeing Rigby and Mordecai in line waiting to ride the Face Melter coaster…which is a coaster that melts faces. Again its simple but you appreciate just how good simple is when it involves these characters.

Kaboom! has another hit on their hands (given the fact that Diamond has already reported Regular Show selling out) and as long as the creators continue to free up their stories and aim for absurdity this book will stay in my pull list. There are far too few books that you and your kid can read and laugh at together. This is one of those books. Oh and for the record I don’t have a kid, I only assume your kid will like this book as much as I did END DISCLAIMER.



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