Jeff Lemire Sets Up Epic ‘Old Man Logan’ Farewell With ‘Past Lives’

Last month, Jeff Lemire announced he was done writing for Marvel. He also reassured fans on Twitter that he would be ending his stories on Thanos, Moon Knight, and Old Man Logan as planned. With issue #21, Jeff Lemire sets up an epic Old Man Logan farewell with the arc entitled “Past Lives”.

Old Man Logan 21 cvr
Amidst the ResurreXion that Marvel’s mutant population is going through, Logan had a loose end to tie up. In the future that he is from, he left a Hulk baby unprotected. He sought out any possible way to get back there and clear his conscience.

After being rejected by every magic wielding ally he had, Logan resorts to breaking Asmodeus out of prison in exchange for time travel help. Instead of being sent to his desired time, the old man goes on a tour through his past. His body is still in the present as his consciousness inhabits his younger selves.

Lemire couldn’t have planned a better way to exit a title and leave his stamp on a character. Throughout these recent lackluster times in Marvel comic book fandom, Old Man Logan has been a diamond in the rough. Readers will be sad to see Lemire go, but at least he’s delivering another epic story before he goes.

Ever since becoming a “permanent” member of the 616 universe, Logan has struggled to find his place in the world. Having the character revisit his vast history, and dig through old memories, should assist him in finding his way with the new era of X-Men. It’s also an extremely fun experience for fans to refresh on Wolverine history.

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Things may not go how readers remember them either, with Logan’s “old man” mind inside his younger body, the narrative may contain some altered events. During the War of 1812, he expresses that being his younger self makes it harder to control his rage. Surely there was more bloodshed the time he was originally captured in Ontario.

Our favorite claw-yielding mutant goes from 1812 to Weapon X before ending the issue in a familiar blue and yellow outfit. He finds himself face-to-face with the classic Hulk and Wendigo fight in those famous snowy woods.

Lemire’s voice for Logan, in his confused and older years, continues to be fantastic. A wiser, yet way more disgruntled, crank pot who’s just trying not to mess everything up again. For this story to flow so well, and be driven by nostly inner dialogue, Lemire had to have a firm grasp on the character.

Another major reason this trip through history is going to be spectacular is the art. Even through a few changes in the team behind the visuals, this series has been consistently beautiful. Getting this dark and dirty perspective on key moments in Wolverine’s history will be an absolute treat. Adding a sharper edge to his most memorable moments should make this book a memorable one.

Old Man Logan 21 Weapon X
Eric Nguyen and Andres Mossa combine pencils and colors to create beautiful landscapes. Populating them with interesting figures both familiar and unfamiliar. Each new moment in time has a different energy as Logan analyzes his new surroundings. The only misstep is the knife seen in 1812, clearly it’s not of that era.

We certainly don’t want Jeff Lemire to go, he’s been the only writer scratching the X-Men itch in any fashion for some time. This odd series, that wasn’t a sure-fire hit, has consistently delivered to the surprise of many. We still have this arc to appreciate and absorb before Lemire is gone from Marvel, I advise you pay it some attention.

Have you been reading Old Man Logan? Which Jeff Lemire title is your favorite? Will you continue to read after he leaves? Let us know in the comments below!


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