5 Best On-Screen Female Superheroes

Male Superheroes Have All The Fun So Let’s Celebrate The Bad-Ass Super Women!

Nowadays, you can find superheroes everywhere. From TV to movies, the genre is inescapable. But what’s easy to miss is successful female representation.

I’m not saying there isn’t any women in comic book media but on-screen, the girls usually play second-fiddle to the boys or they are horribly mishandled in an attempt to make them more of a sex symbol.

There has been some shining stars among the clusters. For every 2004 ‘Elektra‘, we have an awesome performance like Krysten Ritter in ‘Jessica Jones‘.

Below are the 5 best on-screen female superheroes!

You know, it’s true what they say about little boys: born with no natural inclination to share.”
Diana Prince (Batman v Superman)

Honorable Mentions:
-Mystique (X-Men: First Class, Days Of Future Past, and Apocalypse)
-Catwoman (Batman Returns, The Dark Knight Rises)

5. Supergirl (Supergirl CBS)
-The new girl on the block, Supergirl has made a proper name for herself with her former CBS show. After a horrid 1980’s movie, Kara Zor-El needed redemption. Melissa Benoist’s portrayal of Kara Danvers is equally strong and flawed. Can’t wait to see how the character shines with her move to The CW.

4. Dr. Jean Grey (X-Men, X-2, The Last Stand, and Apocalypse)
-While Storm has always been the female face of the X-Men in the comics, Jean Grey has become the cinematic face of the franchise. Played by Famke Janssen in the older films and now Sophie Turner in ‘Apocalypse‘, this red-head beauty eats up the screen time no matter who is playing her.

3. Black Widow (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
-Until ‘Age Of Ultron‘, Black Widow single-handedly represented women within the MCU. Never getting her own film but always stealing others, Scarlett Johansson worked to stay relevant among the Marvel chaos. A ‘Black Widow‘ solo movie was vaguely confirmed so let’s hope she finally gets her moment.

2. Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
-Roll your eyes all you want comic purist but since her move to the pages for Season 8, Buffy has officially became a superhero. If Blade can be considered, so can she. The vampire slaying blondie encapsulated all things 90’s while never backing down from a fight. Will someone ever take Sarah Michelle Gellar’s place?

1. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman)

-Was there any other choice? After her show-stealing role in this year’s ‘Batman v Superman‘, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince sealed Wonder Woman’s spot at the top of this list. Before Black Widow or Buffy made female ass-kickers mainstream, the 70’s ‘Wonder Woman‘ TV series gave a generation of little girls hope.


Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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