Batman #9 Batman defends Wayne Manor Against a Talon Invasion

Batman #9

Story By: Scott Snyder

Art By: Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque

Scott Snyder keeps the pace fast and furious as Batman defends the Batcave from The Court of Owl’s and their Talons. The issue reads very quick due to most of the pages in the main story taking place inside the Batcave. Snyder continues to build on the history of Wayne Manor and The Wayne family during the fight. What starts out as an all out brawl ends up being a gripping fight between Batman and the Talons.

It’s nice to see again that Snyder uses his narration in the beginning of the issue to expand on the action and story as Batman fights for his life. The new suit design by Capullo and the fight choreography are both amazing to look at. This fight is intense and Snyder takes advantage of Batman’s new look by showing off the vicious weapons Batman has in the suit. In fact Snyder chooses to take Batman into a darker and more aggressive mindset as he unleashes his anger and frustration on his enemies throughout the issue.

Greg Capullo’s art in this issue is very strong and I really enjoy the smaller details he works into each issue. Viewing each panel is exciting and Capullo is just as responsible for the sense of danger on the page as Snyder. There was one scene towards the end of the issue that left me a little confused but as always Capullo’s art continues to be just as high a selling point as Snyder’s writing. Snyder does manage to introduce one new piece of information at the end of the story that has me looking forward to next issue.I’m not sure whether it was intentional or not but I love the fact that Batman’s armored suit is reminiscent of the suit Batman wore during the old Batman vs Predator Series.

Batman unleashes a few new toys on a group of Talons

What’s more impressive to me is that the backup story is just as thrilling if not more important to the main story itself. The story centers around Alfred’s father Jarvis Pennyworth. Jarvis writes a letter to his son warning him of the Curse put on Wayne Manor and his fear that Alfred may one day have to deal with that fear. It becomes yet another wrinkle Snyder and his writing partner James Tynion IV manage to place into an already thrilling story. I also have to mention that Rafael Albuquerque’s art is perfect for this story. He uses a painterly style that lends itself very nicely to the early days o f the Wayne Family. The story closes on a very big cliff hanger that promises to have huge effects on both the Wayne and Pennyworth Family down the road.

I continue to be amazed that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo manage to deliver such High Quality work issue after issue. I highly recommend this issue and commend Snyder for putting an extra back up story in each issue that improves on the story and is strong enough to warrant its own arc.

Review Score : 8.5/10

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