There’s No X-Files Without Scully – Part Three [Spoilers]

In Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster two things happened. The first is that fans finally got the nostalgia-heavy, monster-of-the-week episode they were waiting for. The episode features so many X-Files references that fans will feel giddy. For a full list, Vulture has put together a handy article. The second thing is Mulder got more screen time than Scully.

Although episode three focuses primarily on Fox Mulder, the ever-adaptable Dana Scully shines through. This episode makes fun of how Mulder has aged, and not like a fine wine. The X-Files have come back to life, and Mulder finds himself having a mid-life crisis. What has he been doing with his life chasing these monsters? While Mulder pouts in his office throwing around files folders, Scully comes in to save the day. It’s unlike the two previous episodes this directly references (‘War of the Coprophages’ and ‘Quagmire’). This time Scully drags Mulder kicking and screaming to a new adventure. The two FBI agents are back in the X-Files groove. Mulder proposes wild supernatural theories, while Scully looks for the facts and cuts up dead bodies.

The theme of this episode is transformation, and this plays into Mulder’s midlife crisis. The monster, which transforms into a man, is the epitome of your typical straight white male suffering a midlife crisis. Guy’s human experience is a parody on everything that’s wrong with Western society. Mulder knows better than this. His arc over the episode is learning to adjust to the new X-Files. Mulder fumbles around, including the priceless scene where Mulder can’t use a smartphone camera. He’s believing and disbelieving.

Now the narrative of ‘Scully is essential’ still holds up, even if she’s not heavily featured. Scully solves the crime, while Mulder goes off chasing myths and monsters. Scully figures out there’s a logical explanation after all. She’s adjusted to modern society. She doesn’t need backup. Once again, without Dana Scully Mulder would just run in circles like Daggoo. Get the woman a desk.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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