The 2017 Webby Awards: Vote for the Best of the Internet

The nominees for the 2017 Webby Awards were announced Tuesday. The Webbys recognize videos, websites, and podcasts that beamed into our internet-connected devices.

Amidst a completely divided internet on topics related to politics and culture progression, humor was something that united audiences. Funny or Die’s Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis featuring Hillary Clinton, Lebron: the Musical, and Marty McFly & Doc Brown visit Jimmy Kimmel Live were nominated in the viral video category.

Other nominees include Lady Gaga and Intel’s tribute to David Bowie, Stranger Things on Netflix, and Pokemon Go.

The organizations earning the highest number of nominations this year include Google (16), BBC (12), National Geographic (12), HBO (10), ESPN (9), the New York Times (9), Squarespace (7), BuzzFeed (7), CollegeHumor (5), and The Onion (4).

You can find the entire list of 2017 nominees here.

Each Webby category features two awards. The Webby Award, as voted by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). The People’s Voice Award, however, are selected by you… the people.

You can vote for your favorites here until April 21.

“Webby Nominees are using the internet in incredible ways to bring people together through humor, emotion, innovation, empathy, passion, optimism and eccentricity — all of the elements that make for truly great internet,” said Webby Awards executive director David-Michel Davies. “In a year marked by so much discord and divisiveness, the Webby Awards is honored to recognized the work and efforts of our nominees as they explore new ways to use the internet to inform our world and bring people together.”

Established in 1996, when the web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator, The Webbys honor excellence in various web media categories. These include Websites, Film & Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Social, Mobile Sites & Apps, and Podcasts & Digital Audio.

Some of last year’s winners include Lena Dunham, Tyler Oakley, and Krysten Ritter. The awards are handed out by members of the IADAS, which includes Kevin Spacey, Questlove, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Winners are announced on April 25. Clips of the show will be available on demand at shortly thereafter.

What would you nominate for a Webby? Let us know in the comments!

Michael Fromm
Michael Fromm
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