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Review: DOCTOR WHO “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” – First steps into a new direction

Doctor Who is back with arguably the most contentious move - the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. The controversial new Doctor premiered with her...

TRAILER: DOCTOR WHO Returns With A New Hype-Producing Trailer

Doctor Who, one of the longest running science fiction shows ever made, returns with a new trailer that reveals more of the new Doctor,...

Modern DOCTOR WHO Seasons: Worst to Best

Since it's revival in 2005, Doctor Who has become one of the BBC's most prominent exports and managed to please long-time fans and newcomers alike. It is...

SDCC: Next DOCTOR WHO Season Will Not Feature a Classic Villain

Daleks, war-hungry aliens that cause fear and terror across the universe and scaring children since 1963. They are The Doctor's greatest nemesis, providing some...

INTERVIEW: Composer Anne Nikitin And The Sounds Of AMERICAN ANIMALS

Composer Anne Nikitin's filmography is a long list of fascinating documentaries where she’s applied her musical skills to draw out the emotions hidden within...

James McAvoy Cast in ‘His Dark Materials’ BBC Series

James McAvoy, beloved by geek culture for his role as young Professor Xavier in the X-Men film series, is playing Lord Asriel in the BBC’s new adaptation of His Dark Materials. After a failed movie attempt in 2007, fans have been worried that Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy would never see the screen again. However, James McAvoy joins a growing and well-established cast in what is shaping up to be an excellent version of Pullman’s work.

Review: HARD SUN Episode Two Review – Wasted the Potential of the First Episode

Following the conclusion of the first episode that promised a world-changing event, the follow-up of Hard Sun reverts back to becoming a police procedural that just happens to have a slight sci-fi twist.

Review: HARD SUN Episode One – An Intriguing Opening Episode

Hard Sun is the latest prime-time series to be shown on the BBC on Saturday nights - a crime thriller with a sci-fi twist. The...

Review DOCTOR WHO ‘Twice Upon a Time’ An Underwhelming End for the Twelfth Doctor

It’s the end of an era, 2017’s 'Doctor Who Christmas Special' makes Peter Capaldi’s final appearance as The Doctor and fans are treated to an adventure with two Doctors.