WWE’s Roman Reigns Apologized To Locker Room For Suspension

The Roman Reigns Suspension Story Continues To Intrigue

When a face of a company gets suspended, there has to be some drama behind all of it. A few weeks ago, WWE superstar Roman Reigns was sent home and suspended for violating their wellness policy. The suspension comes days after losing the WWE Championship so people were curious on the timing of all of it.

Multiple stories have come out since the news broke but one of the most interesting is Wrestling Observer reporting that Reigns was forced to apologize to an entire locker room of his peers for what happened. Many question this decision while it’s reported some wrestlers found this to be a bit demeaning. Others believe this was an attempt to humble the former champion.

WWE is certainly upset such a public face of their company would tarnish his reputation. Reigns got caught doing something he knew might get him in trouble. He’s a grown man and can freely do what he wants but has to know that some actions do have consequences. Apologizing to the locker room was a way to remind him that anyone would kill for his spot.

What do you think of the Roman Reigns drama?

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