Petition To Bring ‘Agent Carter’ To Netflix Reaches 30,000 Signatures

Marvel and ABC announced that they would not be being renewing Marvel’s Agent Carter for a third season earlier this week. This was not much of a surprise to most people since the ratings haven’t been very good from the beginning and the second season was not as strong as the first. However, the fans behind Agent Carter are vocal and very passionate about this character. Peggy Carter is the first women to helm her own Marvel property in the MCU era. It was a period piece looking at how women were treated in post-Word War II America. I can personally attest that when I attended San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con in 2015 there were a lot of cosplayers dressed as Peggy. There was even a flash mob of Peggy when Hayley Atwell and the cast were doing a signing at the Marvel booth.

No one should be surprised that someone has made a petition two days ago to see if we can find another home for the show. Right now the obvious contender is Netflix since they already have a partnership with Marvel and have been known to save shows in the past (Arrested Development, The Killing, Community). The comment section of the petition is littered with people talking about how important Peggy and Agent Carter is to them.

“I am signing because agent Carter is probably one of the only shows that shows women in such a positive light. It gave a character who started out as a love interest a true story and a positive role model for women,” wrote one comment.

“We need Peggy Carter. She represents everything that girls today are just now learning. Peggy Carter teaches girls that they are worth something. No other Marvel hero does that. Taking Peggy away from us takes away the role model so many look up to,” said another.

The petition has also even found support in Ms Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson.

At the end of the day will this make a difference? Probably not since star Hayley Atwell is already signed for another show on ABC but it’s nice to see so many people come out to support this character.

The petition to bring Agent Carter is here.

Kaitlyn Booth
Kaitlyn Booth
Kaitlyn Booth is a writer, film critic, comic lover, and soccer fan based in Salt Lake City. She has covered such events as the Sundance Film Festival, San Diego Comic Con, and New York Comic Con and been a special guest and panelist at Salt Lake Comic Con and FanX. She has a deep fondness for female superheroes and independent film.