Nicolas Winding Refn Developing His First TV Series, ‘Too Old To Die Young,’ For Amazon

Like quite a few filmmakers before him, Nicolas Winding Refn is moving to television. The Danish writer/director behind the Pusher trilogy, Drive, Only God Forgives and, most recently, last year’s divisive The Neon Demon reconnects with Amazon for Too Old To Die Young, the 10-episode American crime series which he’ll direct, produce and co-write.

Variety (via Indiewire) reported on the development. Too Old To Die Young returns Refn to the City of Angels, Los Angeles, to explore its criminal underbelly. It’s reportedly closer to his Pusher trilogy than anything else. It’ll explore various existential journeys from “being killers to becoming samurais.” As per usual, Refn has something interesting in store.

Ed Brubaker serves as co-writer and executive producer on the project. There are currently no actors attached to the project, although Refn is apparently eying a few notable names. There are even three actors who’ve been offered roles, though no deals have been set. The goal is to start production this fall in LA (of course). We’ll likely hear more details shortly.

Refn is one of our most cinematic working directors, but TV is easily more cinematic than ever these days. With the amount of creative freedom given to filmmakers by Amazon, we’re sure he’ll get full creative license to go crazy with his first-ever television series. We’re excited, to say the least. There are few filmmakers willing to go crazy like Refn.

Everyone and their grandma seemingly shares a different opinion on The Neon Demon, but I, personally, considered it a nice return-to-form after stumbling with the inefficient, aimless Only God Forgives. Knowing he’s returning to the trusted hands of Amazon gives me great comfort during these dark, troublesome times. I welcome 10 new hours of Refn.

Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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