‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 9 Snatch Game Predictions

Snatch Game Is A Cornerstone Of Any Season Of RuPaul’s Drag Race

The most anticipated episode of any season of ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race‘ is always Snatch Game. In a parody of ‘Match Game‘, the gameshow challenge really stretches the queen’s abilities. Each challenger is tasked with putting on a celebrity impersonation but it’s not just about looks. They have to bring the humor and wit to snatch the win.

There is some hilarious queens on season 9. What will each of them bring to this edition of Snatch Game and who will each queen be? I let you know my predictions below!

From the time of writing, it is still two weeks until Snatch Game so all of this is purely speculation and contains no spoilers!


Season 9 Snatch Game Predictions:

Valentina as Sofia Vergara

Snatch Game

– Breakout star Valentina is going to need to use Snatch Game for an advantage. The judges seem enamored with her looks and the fans are loving what she offers but can she charm us with her celebrity impersonation? I think Sofia Vergara is a wise choice for the Latina diva. Vergara has soft and sweet moments but can be insanely over-the-top. Valentina brings both qualities with ease.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine as Charo

Snatch Game

Cynthia Lee Fontaine wanted to do Sofia Vergara for Snatch Game on Season 8 but was eliminated before the episode. While it’s a great choice, Charo makes more sense. The insane accent with the hyperactive antics are signature qualities of both queens. Also, Charo and RuPaul are close friends so that could continue the connection that RuPaul and Miss Cucu have. Also, who doesn’t want to see this!?

Peppermint as Taraji P. Henson

Snatch Game

– While you may laugh at the shade, Peppermint would slay Taraji P. Oprah is the original choice but it seems cliched by now. Henson is a bold personality with great characters to mimic. Taraji P. Henson has quotes many from her roles in ‘Baby Boy‘ or on ‘Empire‘, so there’s plenty of material. Peppermint needs something like this to breakdown from being stuck in the middle for the rest of the season.

Sasha Velour as Sinead O’Connor

Snatch Game

– Honestly, nothing really came to mind for Sasha Velour. Artsy personalities like Sasha Velour have bombed at Snatch Game in the past. What Velour could do is take her serious approach to drag and provide an obscure pick. Working in the gimmick of being a “bald queen”, the infamously bald Sinead O’Connor is an easy choice. There is gags Sasha could include to try to at least standout among the bigger personalities.

Eureka O’Hara as Abby Lee Miller

Snatch Game

Eureka O’ Hara seems to be turning trashy choices into beautiful drag. She’s also known for loud mouth tendencies and a brash personality. Trying to nail something down for Snatch Game is hard because the choices are endless. I originally thought Rosie O’ Donnell or Jennifer Coolidge but Eureka HAS to be Abby Lee Miller. Miller is dance coach known for yelling and being shady. Eureka can do it in her sleep.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown as Jasmine Masters

Snatch Game

– Besides the eliminated Charlie Hides, Nina Bo’Nina Brown is the one viewers are looking forward to the most. With Brown being known as an illusion master and character artist, all eyes are on her to do well. Jasmine Masters, alum of the show, is someone Brown often imitates on social media. The familiarity with RuPaul and the viewers could be a great Snatch Game choice. Could she tell Ru that “Drag Race has fucked up drag”!? Iconic!

Farrah Moan as Courtney Stodden

Snatch Game

Courtney Stodden and Farrah Moan seem so similar on a surface level. Both beautiful, young blondes who love showing off their bodies. But digging deeper into Farrah Moan would show a very self-aware character. She owns being a “dumb blonde” and uses it to her advantage. Stodden is the perfect vehicle to show that Moan is more than just a really pretty face. Maybe even be the surprise of the episode!

Alexis Michelle as Liza Minnelli

Snatch Game

Alexis Michelle loves to talk about Broadway, being a superstar, and has a mature vibe. And usually every season features a queen trying to do an older superstar. No one else has the reference points and bravado to do a legend like Liza Minnelli, except Alexis Michelle! Sure, some of the jokes are only going to reach a certain demographic but Minnelli is still an iconic name that has to be done.

Aja as Rosie Perez 

Snatch Game

– That thick accent of Aja is going to limit her choices for Snatch Game. Queens with accents like this struggle every time. But focusing that New York accent to another iconic NY accent would smart; in comes in Rosie Perez. No accent sticks out as much as hers and Aja also encapsulates the young banji Perez. If Aja could shift her accent ever so slightly, she’d do a killer Michelle Visage!

Shea Couleé as Grace Jones

Snatch Game

– At this point, Shea Couleé almost has to do Grace Jones. The comparison is constantly being made and Couleé is a fan of Jones. Like a few other choices on this list, the fact Grace Jones hasn’t been done on Snatch Game before is crazy. The aesthetic is instantly recognizable with a personality that can be imitated. Only negative I see is this is the type of choice to make RuPaul say “…but is she funny?”.

Trinity Taylor as Lana Del Rey

Snatch Game

Trinity Taylor is another queen I struggled to find the “perfect match” for Snatch Game. The professed pageant queens usually struggle in this challenge as comedy isn’t first nature to many. Taylor proved she had humor in the Fairytale Princess challenge so she can do well but as who? The vapid and big-lipped Lana Del Rey is an option. Looks could be there but it’s all about nailing that signature personality.

Let me know what you think my choices in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to leave your Snatch Game predictions as well!

RuPaul’s Drag Race‘ airs Friday nights at 8pm on VH1.


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