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The 2017 Emmy nominations are coming soon. The nominations will be announced July 13th. What shows might get the nod? There are a good number of contenders on either end, for comedies and dramas. It’s certainly too early to try and declare who will win. However, with seven open slots in either category, several shows are definitely deserving. Here is a list of dream nominations for both categories.


The drama category could be interesting, with the absence of Game of Thrones. Since the flagship HBO series isn’t a contender, 2017 could see the rise of other series. There are some likely returning hits, with some very well-received freshman series.


The Americans

For five years, The Americans hasn’t gotten much love. But the show has consistently been one of the finest dramas for its run. The FX show is about Russian spies during the Cold War. It feels even more relevant in the current political climate. After finally getting Emmy recognition last year, 2017 may be the year for The Americans.


Stranger Things

The nostalgic horror series was a cultural phenomenon. Stranger Things was the show of the summer, and featured phenomenal child performances. The show was a well-done combination of everything that made 80’s cinema great. It was both a throwback AND a new original series. You can’t ask for much more than that.



FX’s new show flipped the script on superhero shows. The visually stunning series was created by Noah Hawley, the mastermind behind Fargo. The show is a “superhero” program, which may hold it back. However, the show has gotten great critical reception, and the Emmys love Hawley. It’s unlikely the show would win, but it could certainly get nominated.


Better Call Saul

It’s shocking how great Breaking Bad’s prequel spinoff turned out. Better Call Saul has the same brilliance as Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s previous work. The show follows small-time lawyer Jimmy McGill, and his transformation into Saul Goodman. The show’s third season also reintroduced the villainous Gus Fring. It’s everything a Breaking Bad viewer loves, with a brand new feeling.



Westworld is HBO’s latest cultural phenomenon. The show got a lot of bad press before it aired around its sexual content. Once the show aired, all of the complaints seemed to melt away. The mysteries and gravity of the show made it an instant classic. Westworld probably had one of the best pilot episodes this year. With Game of Thrones out of the equation, Westworld is a shoe-in for Emmys love.


This Is Us

NBC has a brand new dramedy that brought in a lot of viewers. The new series has been pulling at heartstrings everywhere. The show explores a family of three children, as children and as adults. The way This Is Us interweaves all the storylines is incredible. In many ways, This Is Us is the Parenthood successor. Especially as a network series, This Is Us is almost guaranteed a nomination.


American Gods

Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel has been adapted brilliantly by Starz. The show expands upon the book, making the world even more vibrant. Starring Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane, American Gods is truly spectacular. It hasn’t gotten a lot of Emmy buzz yet, but it’s still very new. Once its first season is complete, it’s guaranteed to dominate the conversation.

OTHER POSSIBILITIES: House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Homeland, The Leftovers