Why Steven Spielberg Should Direct ‘Star Wars Episode IX’

A case for Steven Spielberg to take over Star Wars: Episode IX

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When Lucasfilm announced Colin Trevorrow was leaving Star Wars: Episode IX, a mix of intrigue and chaos suddenly filled the cinema world. One who can bring order to chaos is Steven Spielberg.

Disney made a nice recovery hiring Ron Howard to direct the Han Solo film since firing Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The Lego Movie fame. Now that they had one well-established director to make up the time lost on progress, now it’s time to hire another one to pick up the pieces of Episode IX.

We don’t know what has been planned with the transitioning between The Last Jedi and Episode IX. With the release in three months away, we could very well see a last minute reshoot of the final scene to transition into Episode IX since Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi, shot the final scene between Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke (Mark Hamill) at the conclusion of The Force Awakens.

Here are my reasons why Spielberg should be the ideal candidate to replace Trevorrow:

Spielberg Always Wanted to Direct Star Wars

Spielberg was listed as a guest director on Revenge of the Sith, but he has never directed a full Star Wars film, because of his best friend, George Lucas. He spoke about the experience in 2002.

“I’ve asked [Lucas]. He won’t let me do one. I wanted to do one 15 years ago, and he didn’t want me to do it. I understand why – Star Wars is George’s baby. It’s his cottage industry and it’s his fingerprints. HE knows I’ve got Jurassic Park and Raiders. But George has Star Wars and I don’t think he feels inclined to share any of it with me.”

Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and in the announcement, Lucas wanted to give other filmmakers opportunities to share his vision. So that quote shows a change of heart.

Spielberg Has Been Successful and Familiar with Lucas’ Work

While most remember fondly two of the four Indiana Jones films, they all have been box office successes. With a fifth film on the way, we only know David Koepp is writing the script. We don’t know if Lucas will have any involvement whatsoever.

We do know that Spielberg and Lucas’ last collaboration didn’t work as well as they hoped with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008. There could be a chip on the shoulder to succeed again. Whether or not it happens with Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones, Spielberg shows he’s still got a lot in the tank.

It Will Provide the Steady Hands the Franchise Needs Now

We know how tight schedules can be and the creative process only affords so much time. Given how soon the Han Solo film needed to be ready, Lucasfilm turned to established director Ron Howard to calm any fears from fans and investors. Somethings as big as the episodic films call for similar stability and fast.

As previously mentioned, it’s up to Disney to retain Trevorrow’s final scene he directed at the conclusion of The Last Jedi for the new director to scrap it or build off of it. The new director will have a little over a year to finish for 2019. He or she will be without Leia as Disney and Lucasfilm announced they had no intention of recasting or CGI-ing the role from the late Carrie Fisher.

The new director will also likely building another new world when Disney decides to go to Episode X. There’s very few directors who can be qualified to bookend such an important point in the franchise given the meticulous nature than Spielberg has.

The three films why Spielberg would make one of if not, the best candidate for the job: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saving Private Ryan, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Please Steve, reconsider your stance on Star Wars.

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