The Invincible Iron Man: The Search For Tony Stark is out now in trade paperback, and it’s…fine?

The trade collects issues 595 through 600 of Invincible, the end of Brian Michael Bendis’ stint as writer before his move to the Distinguished Competition. It’s drawn by Stefano Caselli and Alex Maleev, with colors by Marte Garcia and Israel Silva, and letters by Clayton Cowles.

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In short, this story is pretty cluttered. We have three different Iron Man stories going on at once, and it costs the book its heart. Understandably, Bendis was trying to wrap up his run and all the various plot points, but it feels rushed.

That being said, it’s still worth a read for Iron Man fans. Though it’s devoid of much depth, there are still plenty of fun character moments and action scenes.

Doctor Doom’s story is actually the most interesting; who doesn’t love a good redemption story? It unfortunately gets buried beneath the “search for Tony” stuff, but Alex Maleev’s art is stellar and it should inspire fans to go pick up his and Bendis’ Infamous Iron Man if they haven’t already.

This is not the best jumping on point for new fans of the character. A better bet would be the first issue of Dan Slott’s run that picks up after Bendis’.

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