Trailer Reaction: VENOM is Another Soulless Cheap Cash Grab

If you can’t do Venom’s origin story right, don’t bother doing it at all.


As a fan of both Tom Hardy and Venom, there’s lot of fun to be had when the official trailer was released, but to avoid Spider-Man altogether is an unforgiveable crime.

We can agree there’s always going to be creative liberties taken in adaptations, but to avoid acknowledging the source of how he came to be is sacrilegious. Venom is evil meatier Spider-Man! There’s no way around that!

While Venom’s had numerous hosts in the comics, the only consistent adaptation is the original in Eddie Brock, whom Hardy plays in the latest film.

Flash Thompson as Agent Venom
Flash Thompson as Agent Venom
Anne Weying as She Venom
Anne Weying as She Venom
Mac Gargan as Venom (2nd host)
Mac Gargan as Venom (2nd host)

For the uninitiated, the Venom symbiote was originally bonded to Peter Parker and became the black-suited Spider-Man.

Initially embracing the symbiote, Parker noticed how much his powers became augmented, but the side-effect was it also affecting his mind negatively. The symbiote’s alien presence slowly takes over its host’s mind with its aggressive tendencies.

In an effort to rid himself of the symbiote, Parker used the power of sound to break its hold over him. In the original Spider-Man comic, Brock happened to be at the same church where Parker shed the suit where its remnants fell to Brock below and he ultimately became the first incarnation of Venom, seeking revenge on Parker for rejecting him.

Combined with Brock’s professional jealously with fellow photographer at the Daily Bugle where Parker also worked, Venom became an even more dangerous threat with the symbiote passing knowledge of all of its former host’s personal information. Venom/Brock became Spider-Man/Parker’s biggest threat.

The fact that we’re skipping all of that and going straight to the mysterious alien find and some cheap random arc that may or may not have to do with redemption and that Brock’s an investigative journalist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sony has to remind you that Venom is some “anti-hero.” Funny, none of The Punisher franchise had to remind you that he was one. Then again, The Punisher has four live action versions across TV and film.

No one wants the movie to fail, but there are a few things going against it. First how did Shaquille O’Neal-starred Steel do without Superman? How about the Halle Berry-starred Catwoman do without Batman? Do any of you remember how many times Sony rebooted the Spider-Man film franchise? How well was Sony’s first “dumbass” attempt at Venom rushing him with Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3? The latest one is the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation with Tom Holland.

I’m going to reluctantly give this a chance with baited breath, but the odds are seriously stacked against this since Venom will have nothing to do with the MCU and somehow, we’re supposed to feel that Sony has learned from their mistakes?