Trailer: CASTLE ROCK – Stephen King Allusions Galore

Will the series expand the Stephen King multiverse on screen unlike how The Mist and The Dark Tower failed to do in the past?

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Hulu released a new trailer for Castle Rock, a town filled mystery and the supernatural, which offers links to author Stephen King’s work, which may be more than just allusions.

The show is produced by King and J.J. Abrams and their second project for the SVOD service. The Castle Rock trailer focuses on Bill Skarsgård’s character, who has no discernable identity, but quite an enigma when it comes to demeanor.

Castle Rock Balloons
Will someone be floating too? Credit – Hulu

The psychological-horror series offers no clear motivation as he explores Shawshank Penitentiary (same prison as the 1994 film).


The casting is curious with Skarsgård, because he also plays Pennywise in It and there is a brief shot with him standing on a podium in front of an audience covered in shadows with cryptic and intimidating masks in a similar vein to the first It film where there was a similarly lit room with murderous-looking clown dolls. While listed an original character as “Shawshank Prisoner” on IMDB, it would be interesting the story does turn out to be a Pennywise prequel.

Castle Rock - Cujo
Credit – Hulu

We see a variety of shots of common themes surrounding King’s most famous works including a bunch of balloons (It) as well as an article about a rapid dog and Rottweiler (Cujo). We also see brief shots of actors who have appeared in previous King adaptations like Sissy Spacek (Carrie), Melanie Lynskey (ABC Miniseries Rose Red), and Terry O’Quinn (Silver Bullet).

The show premieres July 25th on Hulu. Will you be watching? Sound off below.