Top 5 Things We’d Like to See In ‘Deadpool 2’

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In recent news, one of the best Marvel characters to date will be making a triumphant comeback. FOX confirmed that Deadpool is getting a sequel. Ryan Reynolds will be returning as the infamous Merc with a Mouth, and Tim Miller will also return as director. However, not much has been said yet about what we’ll see other than Cable. So, that leaves a lot up in the air still. What else can we expect? Whether they be characteristics, mannerisms or even other characters, there are certain things about Deadpool and his comics that will hopefully be visited in this upcoming sequel. These are the top 5 things we and obviously you would like to see in the second Deadpool film.


5. Domino

If we’re on the subject of characters, Domino goes hand in hand with Cable. Since no other characters have been confirmed for a comeback and/or appearance, it’s safe to say that
Domino would make a great add-on to the cast of heroes. Part of the team X-Force and a continual lover to Cable, her arrival wouldn’t be all too surprising. Having partnerships with the sequels main characters as well as Vanessa (Wade Wilson’s current girlfriend in the cinematic universe) can’t hurt her chances either. An expert markswoman with telekinetic abilities; Domino is absolutely badass, and we can hope for her to show.

deadpool maid

4. Pansexuality

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It’s safe to say not everyone would be on board for this. A pansexual is someone with the unlimited sexual choice. They have no regard to gender or gender identity and will have relations with anyone they see fit at the time. Deadpool is confirmed as pansexual. Although the subject seems like a stretch for a Marvel film, there’s no denying that this aspect of The Merc is definitely different and awesome. Deadpool is an open flirt, and he flirts with whoever he wants. It would be an interesting trait to visit simply because no other comic book character is pansexual and it’s a huge part of Wade Wilson’s personality. Hopefully, this will include his French maid outfit.


3. Vanessa’s Mutation AKA Copycat

As exciting as it was to see Vanessa Carlysle portrayed by Morena Baccarin in the film, there was a huge component missing; she is a mutant. They introduced her life of prostitution very subtly but somehow never brought focus onto her shapeshifting factor. Going by the alias of Copycat, she is a member of X-Force and Weapon X. Whether or not concealing her powers was for the sake of an upcoming sequel, we hope to see her actually use her mutation in the next film.


2. Weasel as a Sidekick

Although adding in all of Blind Al and Wade’s complicated relationship would be really interesting, Weasel’s more prominent appearance in the 2016 film triumphs. A lot was left out when it came to Weasel’s character in the Deadpool movie. Although Tj Miller did a fantastic job, his portrayal lacked a few awesome characteristics of Wade’s closest friend. In the Marvel comics, not only is Weasel a good pal of Wilson’s, but he’s also his side-kick and arms dealer. Going by the alter ego of Jack Hammer, which just so happens to be his real name, Weasel does a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ work for his Merc-y friend. Weasel is extremely smart having previously attended Empire State University before meeting Wilson. He puts his intelligence to good use. All of these aspects earn Weasel a high chance to be put into the spotlight as a side-kick. Also, it would be really cool to see Tj Miller kick some serious ass.

And finally…


1. Boxes, Voices, Multiple Personalities, Etc.

Whatever you want to call them, Deadpool definitely has them. The little voices in his head. One good, one extra crazy. A mental wear the character has due to all the hardships from the past, it’s a seriously funny addition to the comic. With countless amounts of arguing between insanity and logic, the voices are an immense part of Deadpool’s mental state and quirky personality. As essential as it is, it was almost shocking that it wasn’t added into the original film. Now, after the Weapon X experience, it is almost expected to come about. Appearing normally as boxes, it would be a hard thing to depict in a film. However, there’s no doubt that they would decide upon a great interpretation.

Even if none of these are added into the future of Deadpool, the sequel is bound to be fantastic, as was the first Deadpool feature. What would you like to see in the Deadpool Sequel? Any characters you have in mind? Any characteristics you felt went missing? Let us know. Chances are, we agree!

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Top 5 Things We'd Like to See In 'Deadpool 2' 2


Top 5 Things We'd Like to See In 'Deadpool 2' 3

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Top 5 Things We'd Like to See In 'Deadpool 2' 4


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