THE WALKING DEAD: Can Carl Still Survive?

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There is a theory that has been circulating the internet for years that Carl Grimes or even Judith, his little sister are the cure to the zombie apocalypse that plagues The Walking Dead Universe.

Sorry, the walker apocalypse.

The word ‘zombie’ in The Walking Dead universe does not exist. Instead, zombies are called walkers because as Robert Kirkman has said in the past that he didn’t want his characters to know what they were up against.

There will be spoilers about the show and Carl after the image below. Turn back now if you want to watch Sunday’s episode with a clean conscious.

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The walking dead

At the end of season 8’s mid-season finale, Carl lifts up his shirt to reveal a bite wound. Recently, it has been rumored that Carl ends up taking his own life in the church after saying goodbye to his father Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln and Michonne played by Danai Gurira. It’s said that Rick and Michonne both devastated after leaving Carl alone in the church hear a single gunshot, according to 999 gaming.

Does this mean the end for Carl?

In 2016 at a Walker Stalker Con, Michael Rooker who portrayed Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead said this about how the show should end.

“A railroad track…going on forever, into the setting sun. From behind the camera, a single individual walks down the middle of the track…into the setting sun. You realize that individual is Carl…all grown-up, a man of his own. No one else is with him—just him. And as he does his voiceover, you realize that all the seasons that you’ve seen is him reliving his past. So everyone on the show is dead. He’s the only survivor, and he’s on his own and walks off into the sunset. And that’s the end of the show,” said Rooker.

Rooker’s comments were from 2016, but now that Carl definitely is going to die (off-screen) will more theories start floating around that he faked his death since we never see his body? If the rumors are true and we don’t get to see Carl die on screen the internet is going to go nuts.

To be ahead of the curve, here is a grand theory on how Carl’s story arc plays out.

Carl decides to fake his death in an attempt to kill Negan since he has nothing to lose. He lights the church on fire as all of Alexandria is burning down around him. He then lays a dead walker on the floor, shoots it in the head and sneaks out the back. When Michonne and Rick return the following day, they find a burnt dead walker and presume its Carl they take him and bury him.

Carl on his way to find Negan collapses in the woods. He tries to get up, looks up at the sun as if to say, “ok, you can take me now,” and falls back over out cold. Carl wakes up not knowing if hours or days have passed, stumbles to his feet feeling a lot better he realizes he hasn’t changed into a walker. He immediately thinks to go back home but then is grabbed from behind and has a black bag put over his head.

The Whisperers kidnap Carl and keep him captive for years. When he finally does escape, he isn’t the same anymore. Carl has no remorse for people for what they have put him through and what he had to witness being captive. Carl is now a grown man. He stands at the top of the road that leads to his freedom he stares out, eyes strained from being in a pitch dark prison for so many years, he then looks over his shoulder to the hell behind him, and all the Whisperers are sleeping without a care in the world.

Carl’s Dark Turn

His face gets angry as he turns around and walks back into the camp. Carl grabs a knife from a plate that was sitting by a campfire sneaks up to the first tent, and all you hear is Carl slitting the throats of the Whispers inside. Carl emerges from the tent hands covered in blood, his father’s Sheriff’s hat in one hand, the knife in the other hand, he puts the hat on tilts it forward and walks into the next tent. Then the next tent. Then the next tent, and so on. The camera pans out, and you see the whole camp with about 50 tents.

Carl indiscriminately kills every Whisperer in their sleep that night, one throat at a time. It took him all night. Carl then sits on a log in the middle of the camp with a gun he has found with a silencer on it and a bag of ammo. He waits for them to become walkers one by one and puts them down with a single headshot each.

He purposely slit their throats and waited for them to turn so he could kill each and everyone of them twice.

This Sunday is going to be a somber episode, but if Carl went down this fanfiction path, it would all be worth it.

What do you think of my short story, do you want to see Carl live on? Comment below.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, February 25 at 9 pm.

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