THE WALKING DEAD: Another Character’s Death Confirmed And Who Will Replace Carl?

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Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead is on his way out as you probably already know, but more Season Eight news dropped today including another character’s death and who will replace Carl.

Carl was seen with a bite wound on his lower right abdomen at the end of the season eight mid-season finale. A lot of talk has been circulating the internet as to who would replace Carl once he checks out.

In the comics, Carl is considered the hope for the future. He also will take out any threat, either walker or human without thinking twice. Carl is a cold calculated killer and a leader at such a young age. He even has taken off his eye patch and walks around with his grossed out eye socket without giving any care. The comic carl is nothing like the television version.

Carl from the show did have some badass scenes but nothing as impressive as comic book Carl. The writers dropped the ball on the show with Carl, or Chandler Riggs just grew out of the role. Riggs is a solid actor and nails the part of Carl, but he just physically grew up too fast for the show.

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Now that the show is killing Carl off, we will never see what his character could have grown in to, and fans are furious. But we may see a version of the comic book Carl emerge on the show.

Spoiler Alert, there will be Season 8 spoilers in the article below. Head back now if you don’t want to read spoilers.
The walking dead

Today it was confirmed by 999 Gaming in a video on YouTube about another characters death. In the video, it is said that Ezekiel and Gaven are in a church when the doors of the church are blown off. Ezekiel hits the deck for cover and Gaven is still alive but not for long. He ends up being killed but not by anyone you would expect.

The walking dead

He is taken out by Henry.

Yes, Henry who has been wanting to avenge his brother Benjamin’s death by the Saviors.

Henry is a survivor of the outbreak. He is around 10 or 12 years old and the last surviving member of his family, he is a resident of The Kingdom and the younger brother to Benjamin. He’s been training behind the scenes with Carol, and he is around the same age as Carl in the comics.

It looks like Henry will be taking Carl’s place.

The show does like to switch comic book characters with tv show characters, The Governor cut off Hershel’s head on the show, in the comics Tyrese was The Governor’s victim.

So what do you think? Is Henry going to take over the role of Carl in a sense? Leave your comments below.

The Walking Dead Returns to AMC Sunday, February 25 at 9 pm EST.

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