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The Gifted is off to a strong start for a new show capturing everything we love about X-men. It has great characters, moving themes of overcoming discrimination, and high stakes action. In its third episode of the season, ‘eXodus,’ The Gifted puts its main characters through more grueling circumstances. While everything didn’t go as well as the previous two episodes episode, three is still serviceable for its audience.

Lorna’s Getting Ready to Breakout

The third episode of The Gifted, eXodus, starts off with a flashback of Lorna and Marcos. The scene reveals the initial spark in their relationship and it provides an origin story for their group’s base. It’s a nice moment for the characters, but the scene is immediately contrasted by Lorna in prison.

Lorna using her powers with her collar on The Gifted
Lorna using her powers with her collar on

Back at the prison, Lorna receives a visit from Turner when he gives her an ultimatum. She has to give up her group or Turner will send her to a mutant compound. Lorna doesn’t consider Turner’s ultimatum, and later in the episode, she tests her mutant collar when Turner. Lorna manages to break open the door only to pass out from internal hemorrhaging shortly after. This scene’s relevant because the next episode of The Gifted is titled, “eXit Strategy,” where she’ll need to escape with her collar on. However, Lorna testing the limits of her collar may not spell good news for the health of the unborn child.

Blink Struggles With Her Power and A Bad Love Triangle Forms

At the mutant’s underground hideout Blink continues to struggle with her powers after she suffered her episode. It’s clear that Blink is still recovering so having her unable to generate a portal adds a challenge for the mutants. Blink’s power struggles allow her to build chemistry with John as he teaches her how to use them better. John tells Blink it’s better to channel her powers through positive emotions than negative emotions. Blink’s skeptical of John’s advice because she’s always used her powers through her fear.

Blink and John engage in an awkward hug The Gifted
Blink and John engage in an awkward hug

For some odd reason the new character, Dreamer, enters the storyline as John’s ex-girlfriend. This is where the episode get’s sloppy. The Gifted introduces Dreamer, and she’s an important supporting character for John and Blink’s storyline. Furthermore, Dreamer is in a position where she’s trying to help Blink control her powers and still be cordial with John. It’s apparent that they’re setting up a love triangle between Blink, John, and Dreamer, but it came across as really awkward and forced.

The Strucker Family Tests Their Morality and Loyalty

The focus shifts to Reed where he’s in another bind when Turner makes him turn on the mutants that saved his family. In this episode, Reed’s loyalty to mutants is tested when he has to use a mutant family as bait so Turner can capture John and Marcos. At first, Reed reluctantly agrees to Turner’s deal as long as his family is safe. However, Reed changes his mind when he spends time with the mutant family being used as bait. Reed reneges on his deal with Turner to save the mutant family and the group of mutants that saved his family at his own expense. As a result, Reed sacrifices himself to save the innocent mutants, but he’s punished by being sent to Turner’s mutant compound.

The Strucker's arriving at Uncle Danny's house The Gifted
The Strucker’s arriving at Uncle Danny’s house

A naive Caitlin decides to sneak out to seek help from her brother Danny when Lauren and Andy tag along. Danny reluctantly accepts Caitlin and the kids in his home. He tells Caitlin that letting her in could get him jailed, and Caitlin realizes even her own family can’t be dependable for help. In this instance, Caitlin blatantly ignores Marcos warning from the first episode when he told her she couldn’t trust anyone. In a way, Caitlin is testing her brother’s loyalty to her and her mutant children, and she’s testing her faith in him. Caitlin needs to know that there are still kind in the world despite the level of discrimination she and her family have recently come to know.

Meanwhile, Andy Strucker has become a liability to the Strucker family letting his anger go unchecked. Andy wanted to rob a bank for money when he, Caitlin, and Lauren snuck out of the mutant hideout. Furthermore, Andy get’s his family into trouble when he destroys his cousin’s statue. This draws the attention of the town’s people when it goes viral, and violence ensues. Again, his powers get his family into more danger where John, Blink, and Marcos rescue them from an angry mob. Andy keeps pushing his boundaries with his powers, and he’s losing control of them because of his anger. The more emotional Andy becomes, the more he puts his family in danger, and that is his arc this season.

Verdict of Episode 3 of The Gifted

For the most part, this episode was okay. It wasn’t a complete throwaway, but it wasn’t a gem either. This episode is well written, and we can pay attention to each character and their storyline and character development. However, the addition of Dreamer felt forced as they just shoehorned her into the series. There was no reason to force Dreamer on the audience. The love triangle is especially distracting because it’s unbelievably predictable.

Reed Strucker The Gifted
Reed Strucker

The awkward love triangle is the worst thing about this episode. It was a predictable as soon as they introduced Dreamer and they made Blink’s storyline messy. Blink’s storyline is pretty good already because she’s a mutant on the run struggling with her power. The unnecessary teenaged drama did not do any of the characters involved a favor. On the flip side, this episode had good themes at the heart of the show. It tested willpower through Lorna, morality through Reed, and loyalty through Caitlin and Danny.