The Film Club Movie Show: Episode 38 – National Lampoon Christmas Vacation/Rogue One

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Welcome to Episode 38 of The Film Club Movie Show!! This is our Christmas episode and we take good long look at one of Carl’s favorite Christmas movies, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!! Also, we discuss an array of hot news topics including the Blade Runner 2049 teaser, Patrick Wilson’s breaking news about his role in the Aquaman movie, Gotham City Sirens, the Ducktales 2017 cast has been revealed and of course the latest box office report!

We also spend a good deal of time talking about our thoughts and feelings about Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story.

2:32 – Thank you to Monkeys Fighting Robots/Box Office Report/Coming this week – Any surprises with the results?

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8:06 – Patrick Wilson to play Orm in the James Wan’s Aquaman – rare, potentially great news for the DCEU

10:25 – David Ayers coming back to the DCEU for Gotham City Sirens – Do we care?

14:45 – The Ducktales 2017 on Disney XD cast is revealed – Disney continues to put together fantastic casts

17:01 – The first teaser for Blade Runner 2049 is released – Upcoming Sci-fi sequel from visionary director Denis Villenueve, to the 1982 classic Blade Runner.  HOW EXCITED ARE WE? Spoiler alert – very

22:00 – FC Focus:  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989, dir. Jeremiah Chechik, starring Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo and Randy Quaid) –  The guys discuss their rank of this film among other Christmas comedies, who we could possibly see in a recast, and our favorite scenes and characters!

35:27 – Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story (Spoiler discussion) – David joins us at the desk to break down our thoughts about the most recent entry into the wonderful Star Wars universe, our favorite characters, favorite scenes, it’s place and relevance to the rest of the universe and possibly where we go from here.  Did we like the lack of the text crawl?  The new title track?

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