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Whitney Cogar

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How A Deal Is Struck In WICKED THINGS #2

Wicked Things #2 brings fans back to a world and characters that they love so much, with Lottie at the forefront of this adventure.

WICKED THINGS #1- When The Detective Becomes The Suspect

Following their award-winning series Giant Days, John Allison and Max Sarin show how being everyone's favorite child detective isn't what it's cracked up to...

Time to Say Goodbye in GIANT DAYS: AS TIME GOES BY #1

Giant Days: As Time Goes By #1 concludes the quirky and spontaneous series known as Giant Days. This is a bittersweet issue, but it's also the goodbye fans needed.

How the Series is Wrapping Up in GIANT DAYS #54

GIANT DAYS #54 prepares readers for the conclusion to the series. It's bittersweet, to be sure. But it's also got a lot of the character and drama that fans have come to love in this series.

How GIANT DAYS #53 Prepares for the Series Finale

GIANT DAYS #53 is prepping us to say goodbye to the series - but that won't stop it from having some fun in the process. Or some chaos.