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Review: Matt Murdock Takes On The Ruling Elite In DAREDEVIL #17

DAREDEVIL #17, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, February 5th, brings another fight to Matt Murdock's doorstep. But this isn't a physical battle;...

The Return of a New Enemy in STAR #1

Star #1 gives a Marvel villainess a chance to shine in this dramatic and entertaining miniseries.

Review: Matt Fights For The Soul of Hell’s Kitchen In DAREDEVIL #16

DAREDEVIL #16 hits comic book stores Wednesday, January 1st, and it looks like our hero, Matt Murdock, is juggling many moving pieces in his...

Review: DOOM 2099 #1 Doesn’t Rule With Authority

As the new age of 2099 continues, Doom 2099 #1 arrives with the help of Chip Zdarksky, Marco Castiello, and Chris Sotomayer. Will the...

The End Of An Era In IRONHEART #12

Ironheart #12 is an emotional and powerful end to Riri Williams series. And it is every bit the ending fans deserved.

Review: MORBIUS #1 Helps A Neglected Hero Rise From The Tomb

Marvel’s forgotten vampire of the 90s, Morbius has returned thanks to a story by Vita Alaya and art by Marcelo Ferreira, Robert Poggi, and...

Review: GHOST RIDER #2- Two Riders Enter, Only One May Leave

Ghost Rider will always be one of the more nonsensical and comic book-y comic book heroes, so what could be better than one Ghost...

How Riri’s Heart Breaks in IRONHEART #11

Ironheart #11 was an emotionally intense issue, one that will force readers to acknowledge everything Riri has been fighting to cope with for years now.

Review: HOUSE OF X #6 – Poor Apocalypse Has No Friends

The living island becomes home to a thriving mutant society in House of X #6 out this week from Marvel. Jonathan Hickman is the man...