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A Chaotic Beginning in FINGER GUNS #1

Finger Guns #1 starts off a new series with a bang – and a bit of angst. Twisting the classic trope of teenagers with superpowers, this is a series unafraid to have some fun.

It’s Time For Some Honesty In WASTED SPACE #13

Wasted Space #13 is an emotionally jarring and powerful read, one that pushes the characters and readers past the limits.

NSFW Review: MONEY SHOT #3 – Those Who Sleep Together, Explore Space Together

Vault Comics' MONEY SHOT #3 contains just about everything a comic lover looks for; the concluding origins of the XXX-Plorers, character development, explosive orgasms,...

WASTED SPACE #11: The Psychological Trials of A Tortured Soul in Space

Wasted Space #11 pushes Billy and his cohorts to the extreme. This is a tale full of twists, turns, and an entire bucketful of tumultuous experiences.

HEIST #1 – Crazy Story, Crazy Art, This Just Might Work

Vault Comics has been consistently amazing with its debut issues; this streak continues in the fast-paced, plot-heavy HEIST #1. The Crew For The Job Every heist...

NSFW Review: MONEY SHOT #2 You Read For The Plot

On November 13, Vault Comics' Money Shot #2 will show that scientists having sex with aliens is more than just eye candy. If you missed...

MALL #2 Fantastically Builds Upon Its Terrifying Future

Vault Comics continues its streak of great comics with Wednesday’s Mall #2, which includes equal shares of world building and action. If you haven’t read Mall...

RELICS OF YOUTH #1 Brings The Spirit Of 80’s Adventure Films To Comics

Out September 25th, Vault Comics' new series Relics of Youth #1 oozes themes akin to an 80's adventure film. Unmapped Story Nat Rodrigues is having strange...

Review: THE PLOT #1 Will Make You Scared To Go Home Again

The Plot #1 is out this September from Vault Comics, and it’s a chilling horror story wrapped up in a compelling family drama, perfect...