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Review: POSTAL: DELIVERANCE #8 Firing On All Cylinders

With Postal Deliverance #8, Hill, Ienco, and Peteri, have produced an engrossing page turner and one of the best issues of the series so far.

Review: POSTAL DELIVERANCE #6 Is No Stranger To Violence

Postal Deliverance hasn’t wavered in it’s commitment to character or challenging artwork. 

Image Comics/Top Cow Exclusive Preview: POSTAL: DELIVERANCE #4

Postal: Deliverance #4 hits your local comic book store next week, but thanks to Image Comics and Top Cow, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an...

Review: There Is Tense, Emotional Drama At The Heart Of POSTAL DELIVERANCE #3

Postal Deliverance #3 has a rawness to the emotional context and the heart of the story is a deep seated, painful longing for a lost family.

Review: POSTAL DELIVERANCE #2 Stylishly Handles Cause And Effect

Postal Deliverance is intriguing and the storytelling is effective. A clean, meticulous art style helps to enhance the shock moments and strong violence.

Review: Is There Rest For The Wicked In POSTAL DELIVERANCE #1?

Postal Deliverance is for anyone who enjoys thrillers or smart action movies. It gets the adrenaline pumping and the mind working overtime.

POSTAL: Five Momentous Moments

With Postal: Deliverance due out next month, what better time is there to take a look back at the first Arc of this crime comic from the Top Cow imprint?

[Review] VINDICATION #1 Has More Cop Drama Than Commentary

Vindication #1 introduces readers to a story with all the makings of a traditional police procedural. When a black man is exonerated by DNA evidence...

The Fate of the World is in One Man’s Hands in THE FREEZE

The creative team of Dan Wickline and Phillip Sevy are seeking to make a cold December even colder with, The Freeze , an Image...