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Review: ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Is One Of The Best Action Movies Ever!

In the latest episode of Kieran's Movie Space, Kieran delivers his spoiler-free review of one of the years most anticipated movies, Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Does Tom...

Franchise Opportunities: Why Rebecca Ferguson Should Inherit Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise may be the face of the Mission: Impossible franchise, but the series already has the perfect successor in Rebecca Ferguson.

Review: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — FALLOUT Sets a New Standard for Spy Thrillers

Keep your Bonds and your Bournes. Thanks to Mission: Impossible — Fallout, there's no denying that this is the best spy franchise out there.

Review: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT Redefines The Action Genre

Christopher McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible - Fallout makes each setting or jaw-dropping sequence an integral part of the film's high octane adrenaline pumping narrative resulting in a final product which is both thrilling and stunning to witness.

Miles Teller Cast As Goose’s Son In TOP GUN: MAVERICK

Paramount Pictures confirmed a report in Variety late Tuesday that Miles Teller had indeed been cast as the late Nicholas "Goose" Bradshaw's son in Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise is returning to play Peter "Maverick" Mitchell who is now an instructor at the very flight academy where he enjoyed buzzing the tower.

Franchise Opportunities: The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Series Needs An Endgame

Mission: Impossible — Fallout arrives later this summer, but perhaps it's time for Tom Cruise to prepare for the end of Ethan Hunt's story.

Franchise Opportunities: Could BUMBLEBEE Be The First Good Transformers Film?

Now that we've seen the Bumblebee trailer, signs continue to indicate that the prequel/spinoff could truly rehabilitate Paramount's Transformers franchise and effectively set the stage for the announced shared universe.

Val Kilmer Returns as Iceman for TOP GUN: MAVERICK

Val Kilmer will reunite with Tom Cruise for one of his most memorable roles in Top Gun: Maverick. Kilmer will be reprising his role as...

Explosive New ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Trailer Released

Tom Cruise has done some truly insane stunts over the years, but the latest Mission: Impossible - Fallout trailer teases his craziest one yet. More - MISSION:...