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Sal Cipriano

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Review: Revealed Identities Bring Crisis In STEALTH #3

STEALTH #3, available from Image Comics on July 8th, follows Tony's father as he seeks to reclaim his suit and gather intel on Dead...

Review: A Question Of Violence In ARCHANGEL 8 #2

Archangel 8 is an adult action story with a conscience and a point to make, Preacher merged with The Punisher.

Longbox Legends: How THE FLASH (2011) #1 Reminded Us Why We Love Barry Allen

THE FLASH (2011) #1, released in 2011, signaled the first solo story for Barry Allen after his return to the DC landscape. It was...

Review: STARSHIP DOWN #1 Questions Human Origins

Out this week, Dark Horse Comics' STARSHIP DOWN #1 uses the familiar trope of scientists finding an ancient spaceship buried in the Arctic ice....

Review: ARCHANGEL 8 #1 A Dark And Thoughtful Thriller

A successfully engaging first issue with gorgeous artwork and smart lettering throughout. Archangel 8 does everything you would expect a first issue to do

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #10 Drifts To A Exciting End

Invisible Kingdom started as a world expanding, science fiction tale but it has become something so much more.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #9 A Reality Check In The Depths Of Space

Invisible Kingdom is a fully rounded, modern science-fiction comic with the usual thrills and spills but also, an extra, deeper, social conscience.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #8 Where Drama And Beauty Go Hand In Hand

With Invisible Kingdom you can’t help but be entranced by the characters and there are several that you will become emotionally attached to

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #6 A Glorious New Adventure Awaits

Invisible Kingdom continues to be a majestic read. It is entertaining and thought provoking with a unique visual flair.