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Y: THE LAST MAN VOL. 1 Stills Holds Up, All These Years Later

Y the Last Man Vol. 1 is a series that has been concluded for years, and yet it still weights heavily on us even now.

How MS. MARVEL VOL. 1 Found A Way Into Our Hearts

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 is the start to an all new character, Kamala Khan. Her character is refreshingly human and unique, and that is why we love her so.

Retro Review: Howard Stern’s PRIVATE PARTS

In my previous review of Can You Ever Forgive Me?, I mentioned it's the time of the year where biopics run amuck, but after...

Before FAHRENHEIT 11/9 Let’s Revisit ROGER & ME

Let me tell you a personal story; my late grandfather used to own an Oldsmobile/John Deere dealership, it was one of the most successful...


In honor of BlacKkKlansman getting great reviews, and praising Spike Lee’s direction, people praising the film as “His best ever”, to which I have...

BLACK PANTHER: A Look Back On Christopher Priest’s Run

Before #BlackPanther hits theaters, we take a look back at Christopher Priest's character-defining run on the comic.

Retro Review: A Look Back At ‘Adventures In Babysitting’ In Honor Of Its 30th Anniversary

Adventures in Babysitting, starring the never-aging Elisabeth Shue, was released on this day thirty-years ago. As such, I thought it would be fun to...

Retro Review: ‘Master of None’ Season One

Season two of Aziz Ansari's critically acclaimed comedy, Master of None, hits Netflix today. I plan on binging it in its entirety this weekend...

Retro Review: ‘The Easter Bunny is Comin’ to Town’

As a special treat for Easter Sunday, I thought I’d do a “retro review” of Rankin/Bass’ 1977 stop motion animated television movie The Easter Bunny...