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Review: THE YEAR OF SPECTACULAR MEN Is Relatable And Sublime

The Year Of Spectacular Men offers an intriguing look at the ties that bind a family and the emotions which can threaten it’s balance.

Review: DEATH OF STALIN Shines A Light On The Idiocy Of Politics

Armando Iannucci’s latest film The Death Of Stalin is a cinematic collage of excellent writing, biting satire, and strong performances.

Review: GAME NIGHT Is A Roaring Good Time

Game Night is anchored by a strong performance from Rachel McAdams and Justin Bateman, plus a cleverly constructed narrative. It certainly doesn’t hurt when your supporting cast has the likes of Kyle Chandler and Jesse Plemons who like McAdams and Bateman are fearless in their respective parts. Game Night doesn’t seek to dazzle anyone with its brilliance or highlight any Oscar caliber performance. Simply put, this film wants to make the audience laugh like hell, and they achieve that in spades.

Review: BLACK PANTHER Is Everything The Fans Wanted And So Much More

Black Panther will redefine societal notions of what constitutes a terrific comic book film. In the past, audiences were asked to suspend all sense of reality while being wildly entertained as either The Avengers swooped in once again to save the day or Deadpool seemingly defying the odds while making a sexual reference about god knows what. Coogler’s latest release seemingly mixes the lore of Wakanda with the harsh realities of our world. Black Panther‘s mission isn’t to set up the next film but to show the ripple of effects isolationism has and how compassion can impact the world. It indeed is a message which resonates loudly in 2018.

The Rock Goes Full Tom Cruise In The First Teaser For SKYSCRAPER

Fresh off of the success of Jumanji, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson latest film Skyscraper debut a forty-five-second teaser and it did not disappoint. It appears that Johnson's latest...

The Dinosaurs Are Insane In The SUPER BOWL Jurassic World 2 Trailer

With all the attention being focused on the first Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, not much has been written about the brand new trailer for Jurassic...

Review: DOWNSIZING Is Awful At Any Size

Alexander Payne’s latest film, Downsizing, is undoubtedly a departure from his previous projects. While Election is a brilliantly written look at politics and Sideways offers a unique perspective on relationships, Downsizing is a muddled mess bordering on being unwatchable.

Review ‘Marshall’ : Subpar Writing And Performances Derail This Biopic

Marshall is held back by weak casting choices and a storyline which lacks the appropriate focus. Summary Marshall focuses on the work of Thurgood Marshall (played by...

‘Atomic Blonde’ Review: Sleek Mindless Brutality Can Be A Lot Of Fun

David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde is a fantastic slick action packed thrill ride that substitutes character development for carnage. Summary This story, based on the comic book...