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Reed Richards

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Review: EMPYRE #3 Establishes The Event As A Potential Secret Invasion Sequel

Empyre #3 leaves us wanting a follow-up to one of Marvel's most famous events.

Review: A Driving Test Menaces The Team in FANTASTIC FOUR #11

In Fantastic Four #11, a new adversary threatened to defeat the heroes once and for all. The team was nearly defeated by... a driving test. 

FANTASTIC FOUR #10 Brings “War Of The Realms” To Yancy Street

What do you think of Franklin Richards' behavior?

Review: THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 Shows Us the Best of Marvel’s First Family

Dan Slott's reforming of The Fantastic Four in THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 is blazing ahead at full speed. In the previous issue, Ben Grimm,...


January 8-16, 2019, will see an eight-day celebration, in honor of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Thing, with Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest...

Marvel Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 8, 2018

Baby Jedi’s, more Wedding proposals, doppelgangers, and the touch of the Man-Thing all in this week’s Marvel Comics Rapid Fire Recap as Dan Slott kicks off FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Peter Parker and Spider-man are splitsville in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3, and Matt Murdock starts to see double in DAREDEVIL #606. Let's jump into this week's Marvel Comics!

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 – Dan Slott And Sara Pichelli Knock It Out Of The Park

A Fantastic Four comic book is finally back on the shelves this Wednesday at your local comic book store and Dan Slott, and Sara Pichelli set up an emotional rollercoaster for you.

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #8 Review: The Truth Burns

Chip Zdarsky kicks off Marvel Two-In-One #8 by giving Ben Grimm almost everything he’s ever wanted, except Ben, is on an alternative universe lead...

How Long Will Marvel Keep Fantastic Four Shelved?

At the conclusion of Secret Wars, Marvel's first family was tasked with reconstructing the multiverse. This actively removed them from appearing in any comics....