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Doc Justice’s Long Game Revealed in RUNAWAYS #30

Runaways #30 is a creatively written issue, giving vindication for fans that have been eagerly waiting for this moment.

The Cost of Being A Superhero in RUNAWAYS #29

Runaways #29 is a complex issue, building up on the darker nature that can be hidden in the life of superheroes.

Trials of the J Team in RUNAWAYS #28

Runaways #28 is a shocking issue, with Gert forced to accept the truth of her situation, all while something more insidious is happening to the team.

RUNAWAYS #27 Brings Us A New Team Leader?

Runaways #27 is a prime example of what you can do with a little bit of development and foreshadowing. The Runaways have no idea about what is about to happen.

A Sudden Turn of Events in RUNAWAYS #26

Runaways #11 is a shockingly complex plot, setting the Runaways up for something...and advancing Gibb's plot with alarming speed. Fans are in for quite the ride in this issue.

RUNAWAYS #25: Who Is Doc Justice?

Runaways #25 brings the foreshadowing game to a whole new level; throwing concerning hints left and right for the readers to pick up on.

How Adjustments Are Made in RUNAWAYS #24

Runaways #24 is full of character depth and development – with everyone so preoccupied on their own goals that they’ve forgotten what brought them together. But it feels like there’s a reminder looming on the horizon.

An Emotional Time in RUNAWAYS #23

The Runaways #23 was a somber issue, covering a lot of intense subjects and overall finally discussing the elephant in the room. What it lacked in action it made up for in emotion.

Marvel Comics Exclusive Preview: RUNAWAYS #21

Runaways #21 hits your local comic book store on May 22, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a four-page preview of...