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A Conversation With Dan Abnett – RAI, COVID-19, And The Future Of Comics

Dan Abnett is responsible for creating more than a handful of epic stories during his 30-plus year writing career. Over the past year, he...

Reivew: Rai #5 – A Battle Best Accompanied With Last Issue

Rai #5 shows the conflict brewing from the last issue becoming bittersweet. This run isn't even finished with its arc, and now the reader...

Review: RAI #4 The Threatening Stakes From All Around

Rai #4 out this week from Valiant Entertainment continues the story of the titular cyborg ronin. With a piece of the AI Father's backups...

Review: RAI #3 Builds Off FALLEN WORLD

Rai #3 out this week from Valiant Entertainment is a surprisingly great jumping-on point for people who have read Dan Abnett's epic beginning in...


FALLEN WORLD is a pleasant surprise, as Abnett builds a world on par with Game of Thrones and Pollina's artwork pulls out every ounce of emotion from the 22-page book. Ulises Arreola's colors add depth and texture to each panel, and the blood red used seems grittier than usual. Jeff Powell's letters keep Abnett's grand narrative organized and easy to follow. FALLEN WORLD #1 is a complete book that deserves your attention.

Interview: Dan Abnett Explains His Process Of Building Out Valiant’s FALLEN WORLD

After reading FALLEN WORLD #1, I can confidently say the book is epic on a Game of Thrones scale, and Monkeys Fighting Robots spoke with Abnett about his writing process, and how he’s able to pack so much content into a single issue. Read the interview below.

‘Rai: The History Of The Valiant Universe’ #1 – Coming in June!

As revealed at Multiversity Comics, Valiant is proud to announce RAI: THE HISTORY OF THE VALIANT UNIVERSE #1 – an astonishing standalone tale revealing...